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Saturday, 25 November 2017

My New Blog - Journal Jottings

Recently I took up a Blog challenge to write about “Seven Days in My Life”, with a view to creating a family journal. 

After all,  we write about our ancestors, and memories of our own childhood,  but what are we doing to note down  our life today to leave as a  record for our descendants?  

I had an encouraging response with constructive comments, particularly on my Facebook-Family History Fun page - so much so, I decided to start a separate blog


A Bit of Background Information - I live with my husband  in the village of Earlston in the Scottish Borders, a rural area of small towns, rolling hills and flowing rivers.  

 I am retired, but involved in my community and with my daughter and family who live close by.  

I will be writing about where I live,  my day to day life and my activities, plus thoughts on the world around me - TV, News Items etc.,   but not my innermost thoughts on family and friends - they remain my innermost thoughts!  

DO READ ON and do get in touch with your comments, 
as they mean a lot to me.  


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