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About Me


I have the family history bug for researching both my own family history and that of friends. If your interest is in families of the Fylde in Lancashire (Danson/Rawcliffe/Bryning), this site is for you, with many photographs to enhance interest. I'll also be looking at my father's Weston/Matthews family from Staffordshire and Shropshire in the  English Midlands, my Scottish Donaldson connections, taking a look at local history and featuring stories that appeal. 

So read on, or even better, sign up as a follower. Do get in touch - I would love to hear from others who share my enthusiasm for family history fun.

My interest in family history began at a young age when it was a treat to look at the shoebox of old photographs and psotcards in my grandfather's house.  Many of these   now feature in this blog. 

I come from Poulton-le-Fylde, near the famous seaside resort of Blackpool, in Lancashire in north west England.  We moved with my father's work to Edinburgh where I finished my education. I studied history followed by the Diploma in Librarianship and Information Work.

My first proper job was a great experience on a USA exchange scheme,  working in the Radcliffe College Library, Cambridge,  Massachusetts.  I loved Boston and New England, but also took advantage, with another British girl I met, of taking the Greyhound bus  offer of "99 dollars for 99 days of travel" around the States - a wonderful time. 

On marriage  I moved to the  Scottish Borders,  south of Edinburgh.  It is a beautiful  rural region with a very distinctive history reflected in  ruined castles and abbeys, and tales of Border Reivers and Border ballads.  

My career has spanned working in a College of Education,  citizen's advice bureau, tourist information centres, the local studies department of my local library service and finally the Heritage Hub - home of the Scottish Borders Archive, Local History & Family History Service - where I specialized in family history enquirers - how many people can say they are in a job connected with their hobby?    I am now enjoying retirement.  

I love following the ancestral trail:  the detective story element in hunting for information and corroborating it with evidence,  (I do not like to be defeated),  the satisfaction of finding key facts,  and writing up the information in an interesting way that appeals to others.   

I started my blog in August 2010.  Joining Geneabloggers a few months later  brought a huge boost to my family history activities and I hope I can convey in my posts what pleasure can be achieved from a wonderful, life-long and all consuming  hobby. 

 The triple Eildon Hills - the iconic view of the Scottish Borders where I now live. 

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