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Thursday, 21 September 2017

Windows on Show: Sepia Saturday

 A gray day picture of a small child looking out of a window is this week's Sepia Saturday prompt photograph.

I am snap-happy when it comes to photographing windows on holiday, so here I am adding  a  splash of colour that takes me back to many happy times. 

A magnificent frontage to a town centre building  in Traustein in Bavaria, Germany.

 An example of the "malerei" - the artisitc painted walls
 to be seen in Bavaria and Austria. 

 In Warsaw, a town house  with decorated walls - open windows here, 
but no one looking out.

 An unusual corner window in the spa town of Bad Reichenhall in Bavaria. 

A more rustic  look,  yet still so homely and attractive .

It is not just abroad you will find colourful window boxes
Just three miles from my home in the Scottish Borders is this hotel in Melrose.
First impressions do count!  


As for someone peeping out through a  window, I had to turn to pictures of my little granddaughter. 
Not a window, but  looking through the glass door.

First trip on a tram - and looking out of the window.at Beamish Open Air Museum in County Durham -  one of our favourite day trip destinations.

And finally  - a photograph I have shown before, but it immediately came to mind when I saw this prompt, so  I had to show it again.  

Sepia Saturday gives an opportunity for genealogy bloggers 
                                to share their family history through photographs

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  1. You have upgraded the prompt picture with some glorious versions of windows! Love the flower boxes especially. And that snap of granddaughter looking out her playhouse window is an absolute winner! :)

  2. I love looking at and into windows, especially when it is dusk and the lights are on and I can see life going on inside.

  3. Windows are captivating aren’t they? You have some colourful examples here, and your grandaughter matches the prompt beautifully.

  4. Lovely Fenstern and Kinder! Such bright eyes too.

  5. Oh now I've got yet another reason to want to travel! Wonderful photos of such beautiful windows (and a sweet granddaughter too!)

  6. Beautiful images. I'd love to stay at Burt's Hotel!

  7. Your Granddaughter looks lovely! And Beamish is in a grand partof the world.Lovely Windows All, Sue.

  8. The perfect photo for the theme! Your granddaughter is adorable.


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