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Friday, 29 September 2017

In Control: Sepia Saturday

A daunting image faces us with this week's prompt with a myriad of dials, levers, buttons, - in other words an aeroplane control panel.

I have an ideal match with this image of my brother,  who in the 1980's had a part share in a light aircraft and secured his pilot's licence. 


 The control panel of my granddaughter's toy supermarket till fascinates her - with its buttons, slot for swiping payment card, zapper for swiping bar codes, and a little microphone for calling for help - great fun for pretend play!  


As for dials, who remembers the black, heavy old fashioned telephone. where you  dialed the number?  

Antiques, Vintage, Phone, Telephone 
Image - Pixabay

And what about that symbol of Britain - the red public telephone boxes ? 

British, Telephone, Red, Box, Booth
  Image - Pixabay

I have vague memories of the old system where you put your money in, (one or two pennies), dialed the number, pressed buttoned A to get connected and pressed button B to get your money back  if the connection failed  -  always worth pressing this to see if someone had forgotten to pick up their refund coins. The operator would cut in to tell you when your money was running out, or impatient people knocked on the window if you were too long on the phone. 

A family heirloom of sorts - a favourite toy of my daughter and, after a sojourn in the loft,  now of my granddaughter - the pull along Fischer Price Telephone .  It still gives pleasure, though it has lost the paper with the numbers below the dials. 


Sepia Saturday gives an opportunity for genealogy bloggers  
to share their family history and memories through photographs.


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  1. Great match with that first photograph of your brother, and my little grandson in London got a Fisher-Price telephones just like that from his parents for his 1st birthday a couple of weeks ago. They still make them, surprisingly enough! I'm not sure that young Otis will connect it to the mobile phones he loves to get his hands on :-)

  2. Great collection of photos. I actually have one of those heavy black dial phones at home. Still works, too -- though now it's more of a conversation piece as cordless phones are more practical. Thanks for the walk down memory lane :-)

  3. Even that light aircraft your brother trained in seems to have such an overwhelming array of dials and switches - it is a wonder how anyone can get such things off the ground. My admiration to them all - and to all those who can translate a static old image into a fascinating post

  4. Lovely memories here, especially the telephones. I’m just bewildered by so many knobs, dials and levers in aircraft - however do the pilots do it? Well done to your brother.

  5. Great match! How wonderful that the Fischer Price telephone has lasted through two generations. I remember always checking the slot on the public telephones before using them, for the bonanza of forgotten change.

  6. Your brother's aircraft photo makes a great match. I've only flown once in a small plane but vividly remember the pilot methodically going through his pre-flight checklist. The vintage telephone is identical to my grandparent's phone which I inherited and which now sits disconnected in my museum of obsolete treasured things.

  7. Such a great connection to the theme this week. I agree, Fisher Price is hitting the grandparent's memories of dials which our grandchildren will never see!

  8. A top-notch match to the prompt in that first picture with your brother in the cockpit of his plane. As for the old black telephone, all I can say is Landscape 5-6399! And I've always loved those red British telephone booths. Are there still any around?

  9. Yes, the distinctive red telephone bixes are still around, though increasingly being removed in towns, and now seen more in rural areas where mobile connections could be poor. You reminded me I must take a photograph of one before they disappear completely from the landscape.

  10. I have more than vague memories of the A and B phones...and sitting waiting for mum to get off the phone. Agood prompt for when I learned to fly but not photos of the instrument panel.


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