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Monday, 2 July 2012

When Summer meant Sun! Thankful Thursday

Britain has just  witnessed one of the worst June's on record,  in terms of rain, lack of sunshine,  low temperatures, hail, floods, Scotland cut off from England by train due to landslips on both rail routes. and outdoor events washed out, sinking under a sea of mud, or simply cancelled.   So to cheer myself up,  I thought it would be good to be nostalgic,   look back and be thankful for some summers when "summer meant sun".

And no, the photograph above  was not taken in the Greek islands, but off the Island of Iona, looking across to the Isle of Mull off the west coast of SCotland - just to prove it isn't always raining here!

Were  family holidays in the 1950's always as sunny?  Here we are  on the beach at Bournemouth on the south coast of England.

Fast forward some years to Edinburgh c.1968.  and my father enjoying sun in what looks rather a dry garden in need of watering.

 On our honeymoon, in 1971,  enjoying the sun at Stonehenge

Beautiful Ullswater in the Lake District - June 2009

And finally a lovely summer's picture of the beach at Marsden Rock, near South Shields on the north east coast of England

It can only get better for this July and August!

Thankful Thursday is one of many prompts from www.geneabloggers.com to encourage us to record our  family history and personal memories.

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  1. Its got to get better, I seem to remember last year wasn't much better either. Still where would we be if we couldn't complain about the weather!

  2. shall I send you some sun from a beautifully sunny clear day in winter in Brisbane? good to see there is occasionally sun in the UK :-) we had a lovely day on Iona too.

  3. And here in the Pacific NW of USofA, we have been bouncing between high 90s back to high 60s --- which makes the hot seem hotter and the cool even cooler -- right next to cold. Thanks for the sun reminder


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