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Thursday, 5 July 2012

I is for Inspiration, Identity, Impasse, Imagination - and much more

Having just finished a quick sprint through one A-Z challenge from Ros at http://genwestuk.blogspot.com/, I could not resist participating in a further series from Aona at

My focus here is on what we experience on our family history journey.

I is for:
  • Information and Investigation - at the heart of our family history activities.
  • Do you Identify with, feel Involved with and are Inspired by some ancestors more than others, whilst other ancestors leave you Indifferent?

    My Danson family seems to be characterised by a series of feisty females who greatly appeal to me, in particular  my great grandmother Maria  and my great aunt Jennie (right), the youngest child of ten and the only daughter - she had to fight her corner!
  • Impasses are frustrating when we reach the provebial brick wall, and despite so many efforts I am no nearer tracing the birth certifcate for my grandmother Alice English (below), so I can find out  the name of her mother.   You cannot call me Impatient, as I have been on this trail for decades.

  •  Invention does not have a place in family history, but we can all Imagine what life must have been like.  How did a family of ten  in the late 19th century, living in what appears to be a small terraced house,  cope with everyday tasks of heating, cooking, eating, sleeping, washing, laundering etc ? 

    We can often look back  to past centuries and Idealize life then - but I suspect this is through rose coloured spectacles of film and TV presentations at the higher echelons of society with their grand houses and grand clothes we rather fancy wearing - and not at our Ag. Labs and Under Housemaid ancestors.
  • I am regularly Impressed with the family history stories penned by fellow geneabloggers, and especially by the Images featured that have survived down the generations of ordinary families, and now contribute  so much to eye-catching blog postings.

My mother and aunt, Kathleen (right)  & Edith Danson are the two little girls
at the front of this procession at Poulton-le-Fylde, Lancashire c. 1911.

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  1. Impressive post! (following along with the letter "I")

    Love the photos! Your mother and aunt are so cute.

  2. That's a great list of 'I' words, and the photos are beautiful.

  3. Oh... just look at those two beautiful little girls...your mum & aunt :-) Thanks for another most enjoyable post Sue. I keep going back to that photo and wondering what the parade was for/about???... fascinating indeed.

  4. Thank you all for such encouraging commeents. The photograph of my mother and aunt is one of the favourites in my collection. It was taken at the local Poulton-le-Fylde Gala Day and my aunt used to tell a story that the little boy behind was sent his costume and the banner by his uncle in America. They are assembling in front of the wall surrounding St. Chad's Church which features in many of my blog postings.

  5. Definitely not impatient as you pursue that elusive female ancestor..do you ever wonder why we refuse to call it quits..keep hanging in there! I love the delightful procession photo of your Mum and aunt -you have lots of great photos in your collection.

  6. A wonderful post and photos. You mother and aunty are both very attractive ladies.

    I had a hard time choosing my favourite "I" word as they are all so good but I think it would have to "Identify". I certainly "identify" with many of my ancestors and am very happy when I "identify" a new one :)

  7. hi Susan, I've nominated you for the Illuminating Blogger Award - you can read more at my post http://cassmob.wordpress.com/2012/07/08/illuminating-blogger-award/. Pauleen

  8. Only now had time to catch up. Thanks for your info about the parade Susan. Touches my heart to think about that little "fella" being sent the banner and his costume from his Uncle in America. Seems to me that his Uncle was probably yearning for his homeland... maybe not :-)
    Am just coming to realise that "a parade" is quite customary there across the seas as a means of passing on the culture & traditions - not so where I live. Maybe I'm assuming too much. Thanks again for your sharing. Cheers, Catherine.


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