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Monday, 2 January 2012

My First Childhood Memory - Sharing Memories 1

Olive Tree Genealogy at http://olivetreegenealogy.blogspot.com/p/sharing-memories.html has begun a new series of Sharing Memories with Week 1 - Earliest Childhood Memory

The birth of my baby brother, Chris,  is my earliest memory, though it is somewhat vague. I recollect my Aunt Peggy holding my hand and taking me (at nearly 4 years old)  into a room to see the baby in a Moses basket. 

Beginning school, I have an image of my mother meeting me at the end of the day,  with Chris, wearing a baby blue knitted outfit. 

I also remember the formal photograph (below) being taken after school and the photographer having to work hard to get Chris to keep still and look at the camera - or perhaps this was one of those apocryphal stories told years later on what a trouble he was!  We were both  wearing outfits made by my mother (a dressmaker), with Chris in a smocked baby top and myself in a blouse, with cross stitched  embroidery.

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  1. Lovely photos Susan. It's always a bit hard to know what we actually remember vs what we may have been told or absorbed later on -at least I find it so.


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