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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

"Gowned in Delphinium Blue Georgette" - Wedding Wednesday

My mother's cousin Annie Danson  married on 4 October 1928 and the local press report provided a fascinating picture of the fashion of the day.    Do take time to read it as it gives such a colourful and evocative description of the dresses.

“A member of an old Poulton family Miss Annie M Danson, daughter of the late Mr and Mrs J Danson was married in the Parish Church, Poulton. 

The bride, who was given away by her uncle Mr R. Danson, was gowned in delphinium blue georgette, the sleeveless bodice being plain, while the circular skirt was side slashed and bordered all round with deep silver lace.  Her hat was ruched georgette to tone and she wore silver shoes and hose to tone.  Her bouquet was of pale pink chrysanthemums. 

The bridesmaids were Miss Jennie Danson (aunt) and Miss J Ditchfield (sister of the bridegroom).  Miss Danson wore pale shell pink georgette over silk, the picot edged skirt having shaded crystal motifs at intervals.  Her hat was of fine black felt with alternate shades of pink chiffon velvet on the drooping brim to tone with the gown.

Miss J. Ditchfield was in mauve taffeta, veiled with fine Brussels lace, with a hat of fine grey felt.  Both bridesmaids carried bouquets of russet chrysanthemums.

The reception was held at the home of the bride’s uncle, after which Mr and Mrs Ditchfield went to New Brighton for the honeymoon, the bride travelling in a dress of rose-rust silk, with ecru lace en relief, over which she wore a cost of dove grey, with fox fur trimming and hat of grey felt”.   

Annie wore her wedding dress again a year later - this time in the role of  a bridesmaid at her Aunt Jennie's wedding.  See: A 1920's Wedding

Wedding Wednesday is one of many  blogging promptd from www.geneabloggers.com to encourage writers to record their family history.


  1. The descriptions are gorgeous!

  2. Just gotta love those old newspaper articles --- they were so specific in those days. Also, a delightful picture. And to know that she wore the dress at her Aunt's wedding was just frosting on the cake --- so to speak.

  3. Ditto Joan! I surely miss the days of reading detailed descriptions with words like "alencon lace."

  4. Have been looking at images of the monster storms in UK. hope ypu are okay with self, roof and car intact.


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