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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Advent Calendar 18 - A Christmas Stocking Collection

Advent Calendar  is a daily blogging prompt used by many genealogy bloggers to help them tell stories of their family and their ancestors.

I cannot remember having a Christmas stocking as a child, though we always hung pillowcases at the foot of our beds.  

 An apocryphal story was told every year of my mother and aunt,  as children, waking early and delving in the dark  into their Christmas stockings.  The house at that time did not have electricity and they thought they had come across a box of chocolates and opened it up to eat them before breakfast.  But to their dismay they found them too hard and later discovered it was a box of dominoes!  

My first attempt at making stockings for my family was a  simple patchwork version.  Then I move onto crossstitch for some tree decorations - see below.   

I later  wanted to reflect the fact my daughter was older and had started learning languages at High School.   I combined the idea with my love of cross stitch, whilst the tartan ribbon reflecting our Scottish connection.

Other  stockings are below,  along with reminders of holidays  - the lace stocking from Bruges, the golden boot (as the red boot above)  from Austria and the brocade stocking  was bought at the shop of the Royal Opera House in London after seeing a magical performance of the ballet "Sleeping Beauty". 

All bring back happy memories.

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  1. Love the dominoes...my husband's advice to our kids -when you wake up first, turn over and go back to sleep. Good advice in the context of dominoes vs chocolate! Have a happy Christmas.


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