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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Advent Calendar 15: Holiday Birthdays

Advent Calendar is a daily blogging prompt from www.geneabloggers.com to encourage writers to relate their family stories and memories.  Prompt: December 15 - Holiday Happenings.  Often times December to mid-January birthdays get overshadowed by the Christmas/New Year holidays. So  shine a spotlight on those family members and ancestors with  birthdays and/or anniversaries in your family tree. 

December 4th 2008  - the birthday of our little granddaughter Naimh Maria who has brought such pleasure to our lives. 

December 24th 1897  - the birthday of my great aunt Jennie, only daughter,  after 8 surviving sons, of James Danson and Maria Rawcliffe. 
See A Feisty Female

Maria, Annie & Jennie

14th January 1905 - the birthday of my mother's cousin Annie Maria Danson. Sadly Annie's mother died a year later aged only 21 and Annie made her home with her grandmother Maria and aunt Jennie who was only 7 years her senior.  Further tragedy followed when Annie's father John Danson died in 1917 aged 38, leaving her an orphan.

January 15th 1859 - the birthday of my great grandmother  Maria Danson, nee Rawcliffe who is the cornerstone of my family history writing.  

January 15th 1973 - the birthday of our daughter Gillian, 114 years after her great great grandmother Maria. A coincidence that makes family history so fascinating!

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  1. A lovely collection of family events around Christmas! A real coincidence about your daughter's birthday.


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