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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

What exactly did you do, Daddy? Workaday Wednesday

What exactly did Daddy do?  

In the 1950's I have  memories at primary school of being asked every year to fill in a form with personal details, one of which was the occupation of my father.  

I knew the answer to this was   "commercial traveller" - not something I could come to terms with, as to me a traveller meant someone such as Marco Polo or Sir Walter Raleigh who undertook daring journeys across the world in centuries past.  Dad used to go away for days at a time, but usually from  Lancashire to Westmorland and Cumberland - not exactly exotic destinations for an explorer.   

I also remember relating at school that on Sundays he was policeman - something again  I could not quite understand.   I  saw him go out in his uniform, though he did not wear the traditional flowerpot helmet of the regular constables, but a peaked cap.   The reality was this was a voluntary role as a Special  Constable.  I remember feeling very proud seeing him on duty,   as I stood with the Brownies waving our flags, when the Queen came to Blackpool.   

On holiday with my Dad and brother

Workaday Wednesday is a blogging prompt from www.geneabloggers.com to encourage bloggers to write of their personal and family history.


  1. Is this your Sepia Saturday link too Susan? I wasn’t sure. It looks an interesting blog. Funnily enough my Dad was a commercial traveller too and we lived in Kendal in Cumbria when I was small, My husband comes from Lancaster as well! I liked your post about scrapbooks. I always kept them until recently, and in my post before last for SS my scrapbook got a mention. It looks like you’ll have a lot to contrbute in the future so I hope you’ll come and visit us.

  2. And a cutie you were, flanked by brother and dad. Enjoyed the post.


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