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Sunday, 25 September 2011

School Dinners - My Least Favourite Food - 52

52 Weeks Personal Genealogy and HistoryLeast Favoruite Foods  is the topic for Week 39 in Amy Coffin’s and Geneablogger’s 52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy and History series.

This was an easy topic to write about.  "My Least Favourite" had to be the offerings at school dinners.
Like most people I hated them, especially the fatty meat, liver, red cabbage, sprouts and anything with hot milk such as custard and the milk puddings - rice, tapioca (nicknamed frog spawn or fish eye pud!) and semolina where I tried to eke out the miserable spoonful of jam to disguise the awful taste.  Also among my dislikes,  soggy  bread & butter pudding  and Queen's pudding (apart from the meringue topping),  Menus did not seem to change much over my 13 years of school life.

I must admit I was a fussy and unadventurous eater as a child and it took me a long time to try anything new such as pizza and Chinese food.  I am now into healthy eating, so will eat vegetables (even sprouts),  I would not touch as a child.

But  "No" - I have never come to like any of those awful school dinner dishes.


  1. I too had a problem with school dinners (I was at boarding school in grades 8 to 12). I particularly remember the brown bread. I don't know how it was made, but it was very brown, very heavy and tasted awful. For many years afterwards I would not eat brown bread... but now (having grown up and come to my senses) I genuinely prefer wholemeal or multigrain bread.

  2. Yuck! I may never be able to enjoy an old favorite of mine again -- not with the name "frog spawn" embedded in my mind.


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