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Tuesday, 31 March 2020

A-Z April Challenge 2020 - My Introduction.

My theme for the 2020 challenge is|:

Family History Meets Local History
Sources & Stories from England and Scotland

I want to show that Family History is so much more that the collection of names and dates.  I am a great advocate  of discovering the background to  our ancestors' lives - and much of this  can be found in local history resources.

So I shall be exploring the many diverse directions that family history can take you, and in the process perhaps provide some new ideas on blogging prompts for when you might hit the proverbial brick wall.

You might not always find specific references in the resources   to your individual ancestors,  but you  will gather a wealth of background information  to enhance your story telling.

My posts  will range in topic from  Archive Centres, Books Shelf Favourites, & Gathering Memories,  through  Infamy, Journals & Leisure  to Scottish Records, Timelines, Uniforms and Verses - and much more. 

Do join me on this  journey and I look forward to reading your comments. 

Click HERE to find other bloggers who have signed up under the Genealogy category, with thanks to Dianne  for providing this listing.  


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