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Thursday, 12 September 2019

Pet Pleasures in Focus ! : Sepia Saturday

A stern looking man and a rather unappealing dog feature in Sepia Saturday's latest prompt photograph.  Much happier family memories of pets are the focus of my  

 As a child, my husband had a number of china animals,  but this this little dog  is the only one that has survived the years and sits on our window sill enjoying the sun.  

Making do with a toy dog  for a studio photograph  -
 my brother-in-law with  a furry friend.

But let's move onto the real live family pets.  
Solemn expressions from my husband's grandmother  
with her granddaughter and dog Beauty.

Beauty is the star of this photogaph with my husband's aunt.

We move on several decades.  Our daughter was 5 years old and Crufts Dog Championships Show was on television - how could we resist that combination.  The result by the summer was that a new  Beauty a golden cocker spaniel became part of the family - as in the top photograph. 


It was a sad time when we lost Beauty at the age of nine, and we said we would not go through that again. Bur surreptitiously we were all looking at adverts in the local papers, and within a month we had Colleen - a 2 year old gentle blue roan cocker.

Taking a break - with my parents.  

 Colleen died suddenly at seven years old at a time when there were other stresses in the family. We could not imagine family life without a dog and that had to be a cocker spaniel.   So within a few months we had puppy Casmir (Cass) - an orange roan cocker - she had such a distinctive colouring, she became well known around our normal town and lived to the grand age of 13.  A pet and great friend of all the family.

Our cocker spaniel Cass
against the background of Loch Etive  in the Western Highlands. 

 Enjoying a good chew  in our garden.

The dubious pleasures of owning a dog - out in all weathers!

 Braving the elements on a windy day 

 A wet and windy crossing to the Isle of Mull
with all other passengers sheltering below deck. 

I always thought of Cass as the "princess" 
if she was to star in a Disney animated film.  


Sepia Saturday gives an opportunity for genealogy bloggers 
       to share their family history through photographs


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  1. Wonderful pix of your beloved doggies. They were all beauties in their own way, but I think Cass was truly the princess. :)

  2. Such lovely dogs...and so willing to sit still to be photographed. We had a spaniel mix named Thumper when I was a child and you're right -- spaniels make the most wonderful pets.

  3. Oh I do like the look of Cass. My Arwen is an orange roan as well.

  4. Great photos that show off the love your family had for their pets.

  5. Although I am not a dog lover, I do like to see pictures of them and would never want harm to come to them..

  6. All beauties! I think the joy and companionship we get from all pets and particularly dogs comes from their steadfast loyalty to the pack, i.e. the family. It's a lifelong trust that is often hard to find in people.

  7. Yes, pets become a vital member of the family and are so much missed. Thank you for your kind comments.


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