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Friday, 19 January 2018

52 Ancestors - Week 1: Introduction

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks
 52 Ancestors in 52 Week is the latest blog chellenge from Amy Johnson Crow that I have just signed up to.


I have been blogging for 7 years now, and feel I have become rather jaded and restricted in my writing and need a boost!  So I am looking forward to Amy's broad weekly prompts.  

Much of my blog concentrates on my mother's side of the family (Danmson and Rawcliffe  families of Poulton-le-Fylde, Lancashire), largely because I grew up there and have a great collection of family photographs.  But I have exhausted most of this material.  I hope I will be encouraged through the prompts  to broaden into other aspects of my research.

A wedding of 1930 - 
One of the few photographs I have from my father's side of the family 

My father (John Weston)  is the rather stern looking young man on the far left, carrying the trilby (or panama?) hat, with,  I think,  his brother Charles behind him.  My grandmother is in the cloche hat next to the bridegroom (my uncle FRed)  and unfortunately I have been unable  to identify my grandfather - he could be the man hidden at the back. Fred's sister Madge  could well be one of the bridesmaids and I have no idea who the young boy is.  I presume the older couple on the left of the photograph are the bride's parents. 


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  1. How lovely that your aunt's students remember her fondly and shared their memories with you. That is truly special!


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