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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

My 7th Blogiversary

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My blog anniversary almost passed me by without me noticing it, for  August 21st marked my seven years of bloggng.  I don't know how I am still here, as I never expected to last this long,  when I  tentatively wrote my first post in August 2010. 

My main concern then was "Is anyone finding this and more importantly actually reading it?" A few arms were twisted with  friends and relations to sign up as my first followers. But let's face it, although we enjoy writing,  recognition from others is a great motivator.

Seven years ago, I thought I would soon run out of material, but the prompts from Geneabloggers (now Geneabloggers Tribe and inspiration from other bloggers has been so stimulatingDiscovering two third cousins, one from my birth town, and one in the USA,  gave  me a shot in the arm, in providing me with  with fresh stories.

My thoughts on the past year: 
  • In many ways it has been a quiet year of activity, with other aspects of life occupying my time. 
  • My main blogging activity has focused on writing for the prompt Sepia Saturday, but  it is becoming increasingly difficult for me not to repeat photographs I have  shown before.  Unfortunately the attempt last year  to change slightly  the format of the site  meant that  many  regular bloggers pulled out of contributing.  A pity as I valued their input on  a site which actively encouraged bloggers to comment and provided  a friendly, supportive network.
  • A second meeting with my third cousin (who first made contact via my blog) resulted in me being given several CD Roms with many vintage photographs of his extended family - and  a willingness for me to feature his family stories on my blog.
  • Developing the blog I set up in 2015 for my local heritage group  - Auld Earlston - is a a challenge,  esepcially when it comes to managing two blogs - but very enjoyable all the same.  Plus it has provided me with additional material for my personal blog,  which is great!
  • I continue to read regularly the Facebook page set up last year - We Are Genealogy Bloggers   - set up by Lorinne  of Olive Tree Genealogy   to provide a forum for discussion, sharing knowledge and ideas on  all matters relating to the act of blogging - a great addition that I have found very  helpful in answering my queries. Do take a look if this page is new to you.

  • I also joined the Facebook page Genealogy Addicts UK & Worldwide  which  specialises  in brick wall issues.    Two of my own queries brought an immediate flood of helpful responses, though at the end of the day, the consensus backed up my thinking - and my brick walls still stand!  I enjoy reading the entries from other family historians and sharing my own knowledge, especially when it comes to Scottish research.   Its sister  page features photos and stories, with both offering a great forum for discussion.

    And the Future:
  • I am making a determined effort  to progress some major  tasks (completing three family narratives)  that have been on my "to do" list"  for  far longer than I care to mention. 

    So  in July I set up my own personal prompt of "Focus Friday" - thought up in the middle of the night when inspiration dawned!   Henceforth Fridays are  devoted to
    working  only on one of my  three main targets - so no flitting from one aspect of my family history to another, and no getting distracted by another blog, or Facebook feed, or news of an interesting website, etc. etc. etc.

    And so far in four weeks,  this strategy is  working for me and I am making progress!

  • I have made no such progress on making better use of Pinterest for my Family History activities, though I am aware  many bloggers cite it  is as a significant driver of viewers to a blog.  The boards relating to family history  on my current general site receive very little attention, and my thought  is to set up a specific family history Pinterest page.
  • For various reasons I gave the  A-Z Challenge 2017 a miss,  but  I still have a topic in the back of my mind for 2018. 
So  for me - there is still  life in my blogging activities, beyond seven years.  I look forward to another year of discovering stories connected with my family history, writing posts that appeal to readers,  and reading the posts of my fellow enthusiasts.  




  1. And your blog is always a delight to read. Happy Blogiversary!

    1. Thank you, Joan, for your comment - much appreciated.

  2. I have enjoyed reading your blog since I discovered it when we were both doing the A-Z challenge last year. I sure know what you mean about focusing, I also am a flitter! Great idea to delegate a day to focusing on one thing - I may follow in your footsteps!
    Happy Blogiversary and I look forward to seeing where the next years take you.


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