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Saturday, 8 July 2017

Family Treasures at BBC's Antiques Roadshow

We joined the lengthy queue at BBC Antiques Roadshow that was filming last week  at Floors Castle, Kelso in the Scottish Borders.  If you are taking treasures, you need to be prepared for a long wait as we edged slowly towards the central point to reveal our items  and receive our tickets (free) to meet the appropriate  expert. 

Just a small part of the long, long queue.  
If you were just going to view and have a browsearound, you got straight through.

Showing my World War One family memorabilia, with granddaughter looking on

The treasures I took
  • The presentation trowel and silver baton presented to my great great grandfather, John Matthews in 1904 on the occasion of laying the foundation stones for a new church, in honour of his role as choirmaster. 


  • The First World War Memorabilia  from my mother's Danson family.   My grandfather  and four of his brothers fought, with two not surviving the conflict.    Below a few of the items that are part of a much a larger collection, that I have written about on my family history blog
       William Danson  (my grandfather) who was awarded 
    the Military Medal for gallantry.





Despite the time spent queuing, it was a great day in a beautiful setting,  - and even the sun shone!  Everyone was so good-natured, friendly and patient.  We enjoyed seeing the experts and presenter Fiona Bruce and  the cameras in action.   The organisation and logistics of the event were impressive. What stood out for me was the time and information  that the two experts I saw gave to me and the interest they showed.  

And no - I wasn't picked to be filmed and interviewed, but we were standing in the queue right by where Fiona Bruce was doing a piece to camera - so you never know we might be ia brief shot of us when the programme is shown. 

                                           The "Glass" Expert  - Andy McConnell

The crowds in front of the castle.

            Granddaughter taking a moment out, 
 with a view from the  castle across to the River Tweed. 


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  1. What an interesting experience Sue. Any useful comments or advice that you received? Regards Anne

    1. Thanks, Anne. No advice as such, as the items will remain in the family, but it was gratifying to hear the kind comments on the way I had presented my WW1 cards and documents, and to hear that my grandfather's medal citation was rare, as apparently these do not often survive; and also to get a full description of my great grandfather's presentation items - Moroccan leather boxes, gold bearing, brass clasps, silk lining, and velvet figments - a quality gift which reflected the respect for my g.grandfsther. All very good to hear.

    2. Sorry - that should read above as "gold beading", and "velvet fitments".

  2. A really interesting story Sue

    1. I am glad you enjoyed reading it, Mike. Thank you.


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