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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

"Man's Best Friend" : Sepia Saturday

A fun photograph of two toy dogs  features in this week's prompt photograph from Sepia Saturday  and I have the perfect picture!  

As a child, my husband had a number of china animals,  but this this little dog  is the only one that has survived the years and sits on our window sill enjoying the sun.  

But dogs remained a favourite, many years later  - this time the real thing. 

Our cocker spaniel Cass
against the background of Loch Etive  in the Western Highlands. 

Sleeping Beauties - this time with our second cocker - Colleen

Below two images where the dogs look remarkably like the ones in the prompt 

With my cousin's pet.

Making do with a toy dog  for a studio photograph  -
 my brother-in-law with  a furry friend.

This is a precious photograph - the only one I have of my pet dog Tess.  

I  was about 11 years old, and had been playing at a friend's who lived on a farm.  When Dad came to collect me, someone else came home with us - a sheep dog puppy who I christened Tess - I have no idea why I chose that name.    A few years later, we were moving cross country with my father's work,   into a new build house, and the dictat was that Tess would not be coming with us.  I was devastated to say goodbye, but these were the days when children did what they were told without too much protesting.   We left Tess with a family friend who was taking her  to her new home - on another farm. 

Daughter with the first of our three cocker spaniels - very aptly named Beauty

Granddaughter taking her toy dog for a walk.  


Sepia Saturday gives bloggers an opportunity to share 
their family history and memories through photographs.

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  1. The china dog is adorable and rather special after all these years. You had some darling cocker spaniels over the years. As for Tess - there must have been a very good reason to deprive a young daughter of her beloved pet - at least I would hope so!

  2. Spaniels are so clever as well as beautiful to look at. Did you see Countryfile last week? The rescue spaniels trained to seek and find endangered creatures. Remarkable. I love looking at your dog pictures.

  3. Love the granddaughter and toy dog. My grandbaboo's first words were "woof woof." Every time we take her for a walk, she barks at all the dogs. She has a favorite stuffed dog that we had better never lose.

  4. Spaniels are favorites of mine also. Love the granddaughter and little dog. The china dog is precious too.

  5. These dogs look so pretty, happy, and well loved. Your granddaughter with toy dog is so cute too!

  6. Well done to match dogs of all kinds! Perhaps your granddaughter will save her toy dog too.

  7. That is so sad to have to part with a pet like that. I had a friend whose father brought home a dog from the pound. They had it for a few months until the father decided he didn't want it so he just up and took it back. It still breaks my heart.

  8. Just love the sepia photo of your brother in law posing with the stuffed pup.

  9. Thank you all for your kind comments.


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