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Friday, 16 June 2017

A Garden Setting for Five Generations

This week's prompt photograph shows a little lad watering a plant in his garden - cue for my family photographs in a garden setting.  


 This is the only photograph I have of my four grandparents - William Danson & Alice English on the left  and Albert Weston & Mary Barbara Matthews on the right - taken after my parent's wedding in 1938 - with my mother in her going-away outfit.  Taken in the front garden of my grandparents house. 

My grandfather's house in Poulton-le-Fylde, Lancashire, c.1950. The large gardens were my grandfather's and later my uncle's pride and joy - with floral displays in the  front and  productive vegetables and fruit  grown at the back.   The front garden was also the setting for many a family photograph. 

In teh same corner of the garden, my grandmother,  Alice Danson, nee English,  with her three daughters, Peggy, Edith and Kathleen (my mother) .  


My mother Kathleen (standing) playing with her sister Edith in the garden of their home, c.1914.  
My dressmaker mother modelling one of her dresses.

My father setting off for war with my mother right, and my aunt left. 

 A lovely  photograph of  my parents  in the back garden of our Edinburgh home -
ready to go to  my graduation from university.  


With my father in our back garden  - note that cigarette! 

 With my baby brother

I am dressed for taking part in the local village gala - in what I remember as a peach coloured dress, and with my hair in ringlets. 


 Daughter - and furry friend playing  - in the garden.

Ready for first day at school - and not looking too happy!

 Our pet cocker spaniel enjoying a good chew in our  garden


Onto the fifth generation  - and my little granddaughter having fun in her sandpit. 

Smiling and bright eyed for  her first day at school

High jinks here! 

And finally - I had to show this photograph.  It was not taken in the garden, but my daughter's 1970's fashion statement of the tank top, knitted by my aunt,  matches the prompt photograph so well.  

Sepia Saturday give bloggers an opportunity to share 
their family history and memories through photographs

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  1. My favorite set is of your daughter. Did you notice the rock wall matches the prompt too? That is a beautiful rock garden in the photo with the cocker spaniel. Well done!

  2. Thank you for your comment, Wendy. And well spotted - I must admit I had not connected the " dry stane dykes" (to give them their Scottish term) with the stone wall in the prompt photograph.

  3. A wonderful array of garden pictures. There is a remarkable resemblance between your mother as a young girl, and your daughter and granddaughter as youngsters. I've noticed it before. But that 'high jinx' picture takes the cake! Great shot!!!

  4. Great gardens...how very tidy! Beautiful family pics, older and younger generations and they are full of memories I'm sure. Dry stone walls which I also will be sharing more for tomorrow...but the sweater vest takes the cake, it could be the same pattern!

  5. My grandparents used to line their friends up in the yard for photos when they visited too. And the vest is perfect!

  6. Ah yes the garden photo! These are splendid and how clever to match the tank top as well!

  7. The knit tops match is great. Enjoyed the generations posing in the gardens.

  8. Top marks for some fine garden photos, and your daughter's and granddaughter's photos are swell. But you earn bonus points for matching Alan's sweater!

  9. Thank you, all, for your kind comments. As always it was amazing how we picked on different aspects of the prompt photograph to write our posts - the joy of Sepia Saturday.


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