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Thursday, 27 April 2017

Wood for Fences, Faces, Fire and Fun:

"All Things In Wood" is my response to this week's Sepia Saturday prompt photograph that shows an old   American urban tenement with wooden balconies,  which along with a whirly washing line creates a study in angles and lines.   

No such vintage images exist in my collection, so  I have chosen to focus on wood for fences, faces, fires and fun,  with memories of holidays, home and family. 
Do  read on!   


 A timber yard in Ruhpolding, Bavaria - looking across the meadows to the church,

 A typical Austrian chalet in Kaprun, with the wooden balcony, shutters and fencing. 

A typical Cape Cod cottage, with a picket fence  
on the Island of Nantucket, in New England. 

I have worked in tourist information centres in the Scottish  Borders,  so this centre, appropriately built of wood,  in the Berchtesgarten  National Park in Bavaria  appealed to m, as in keeping with the landscape. 

Christchurch, Cambridge which I attended whilst working in the USA, 1965-66.
Now designated a National Historic Site, Christchurch  was founded in 1759 and built in the  traditional New England clapboard style.  There is a beautiful and elegant Georgian simplicity to its interior. During the Amerasian Revolution,  the church was attacked by dissenting colonials for its Tory leanings, but George and  Martha Washington attended a service here.

 A reconstruction of the old wooden North Bridge at Concord, Massachusetts,  where in 1775 local Minutemen fired the first shot in the American War of Independence and forced the British to retreat back to Boston. 

A  covered wooden bridge in New Hampshire

A  replica of the defensive wooden fort at the Plymouth Plantation, Massachusetts, on the site where the Pilgrim Fathers landed in 1620, and built their settlement. The fort is part of a living museum created in 1947 to tell  the story of the Plymouth Colony.

Wooden decking, posts and boathouse on Marthe's Vineyard, Massachusetts 


In St. Gilgen Austria, 
a carved wooden balcony with a lovely image of a little dog - or is it a cat?

 A carved figure outside a shop in in Austria. 
"Schnitz Verkstatt"  means "woodcarving workshop" 

 Owls carved on a bench at Centre Parcs, Whinfell Forest, Cumbria. 


Helping Daddy unload logs for the fire - my little granddaughter  

Below -  granddaughter is older but trees have an immediate appeal. 
Photographs taken in the Scottish Borders and Whinfell Forest, Cumbria 




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  1. A great study of wood used in so many ways! And a very interesting take on the prompt photo. Good going!! :)

  2. Lovely photographs of wooden buildings and carvings from your travels. I must say that little animal looks more like a cat than a dog to me :-)

  3. I Wood Say I Like ALL The Photos,But Especially The Church in Cambridge.Very Impressive.

  4. I hesitate to call this a wooden collection but that would give the wrong impression of an excellent post. The reconstruction of the North Bridge at Concord was worth seeing for me.

  5. Love your New England shots...about 120 miles away from me! And I'm with Jo -- I'm putting my money on a cat. Nice take on the photo...

  6. Mention wood and I can't resist... as the granddaughter of a sawyer/carpenter/saw miller on one side and the 'handiest' person I ever knew as my grandfather on the other side of the family, I think I have sawdust in my veins... loved your interpretation of the prompt photo. Thank you, Sue.

  7. Such great diverse wood-fences-buildings-docs-etc etc...you sure have travelled, Lady!

  8. A wonderful collection and your granddaughter makes lovely model.

  9. Thank you all for your enthusiastic comments. The prompt was an example of never giving up on a prompt. I do tend to go for the obvious and from first seeing this prompt, I thought "well I have nothing to match that" and was not going to participate. Then suddenly on Wednesday, inspiration struck as I was travelling home by bus on a lovely day, and noticed a long fence, a gate and trees on the hillside - and wood, lines and angles immediately came to mind. Back home, I quickly sorted out more photos than I could possibly use.

  10. You could also have called this "Wood around the world!" Thanks for visiting my blog during the A to Z Challenge and your encouraging words at the beginning. I finished today -- whew! -- and plan to take a break in May (except for a summary post on May 5 and, of course, a Reflections post). Hope to stop by here in future. Bye for now!


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