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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Say Cheese! Family Snapshots from the 1940's

This week's Sepia Saturday prompt photograph  shows Louis Armstrong in 1948 sitting at a cluttered dressing table,  looking into a mirror, with a glimpse of small photographs pinned above on  the wall. 

I have done "clutter" and "singing" quite recently, so this week, I have turned to photographs taken around the 1940's, I think, on  a box camera,  which  produced  just a small 2x3 inch image. I have no idea why some have white borders on only two or three sides, perhaps the way the developed film was cut. 

Many families will have similar snapshots in their collection - not great artistically, but so full of memories. 

My husband's Uncle Mattie (Matthew  Iley White of South Shields),  taking a family snapshot  of his wife, nephew and sister.  I suspect photographing him was his brother-in= law who like so many of us has cut off Mattie's feet! 

A happy group of the Donaldson  family with their relations in Kent. 

Mattie again, holding onto his nephew, with his brother-in-law alongside in a very natty pullover. That style  came round in fashion decades later and was especially popular with golfers. 

A wartime snapshot of my husband's Great Aunt Pat  
who served in the Auxiliary Fire Service in Kent

Larking about  - my husband perched on the bike with his older brother. 

 This was taken, perhaps by my aunt,  in the front garden after my parents' wedding in 1938 and is the only photograph I have of my paternal grandfather on the right. 

 A wartime farewell photograph of my father with my mother  Kathleen on the right
 and my Aunt Edith on the  left. 

 Another wartime memory of my parents. 

A family snapshot of my Danson family - with I suspect my mother taking the photograph of her mother, Alice Danson, her younger sister, Peggy in WAAF uniform, brother Billy  and his wife Loui,  with my father in uniform in the middle. 

The back garden was a popular place as a photographic stage - even where drainpipes and a dustbin were the props!
My mother 

I was too young here to remember that kitten.

That cigarette in my father's hand would be much disapproved of now!

I am looking rather glum here in my own little chair 
which was passed down to my daughter and granddaughter. 

Squinting in the sunlight.

My uncle Fred must have been the photographer here with a lovely snapshot of my parents, my aunt Fran in the middle, and my little brother (looking very cute) and myself.  I seem to have my pigtails up on top of my head Austrian style - decorated with a bow.  Not forgetting the period detail of the cars. 


Sepia Saturday gives bloggers an opportunity 
to share their family history through photographs. 

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  1. Hey Sue! You were cute!
    Lovely Photos , all.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. That was a reather lovely leaf through your family album of smiling relatives.

  3. A wonderful group of happy family photos and just the sort you'd see tacked up on a bulletin board or taped to the fridge so everyone could admire them for a bit before they were 'hidden' in an album. :)

  4. Great shots through a family's history...I now remember having my braids also pinned up on top of my head, ouch on those pins. They didn't stay in very long!

  5. Sue...you were an adorable child. I loved looking at all the family photos.

  6. Nothing wrong with family snapshots, especially when they are all you have, and I don't mind feet being cut off, but when heads are chopped it's rather more of a problem.

  7. A fine medley of happy photos. I like seeing the wartime fashions and comparing them with American styles.

  8. Wonderful photos. They remind me of some photos of my grandfather's, taken while he was in England during the war and after on business.


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