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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Sandy Moments : Sepia Saturday

This week's prompt photograph shows a fun beach scene, with what looks like a headless body  in the sand with a smiling little's boy's head alongside. 

The photograph below of my father and brother, buried in sand,  seems to fit the bill admirably. 

More beach photos

My brother looks a bit disgruntled here.  You can tell this must be the 1950 's - these were the days before the anti-smoking  campaigns and  my father is happy to enjoy his cigarette.  And why am I wearing an unflattering  bathing hat,  as I could barely swim? I suppose to keep dry my long hair which was  usually in plaits,  

Digging for victory in this wartime photograph.

Exploring the Sand!  

My little brother in a fetching knitted costume. 

My cousin fielding a giant ball.

Taking a ride!

On Blackpool Beach

A brief bit of fun in the midst of war  - my Uncle Harry in North Africa   

Enjoying Ourselves - even in a howling wind on the Isle of Iona - May 2004. 

And Finally - The peace and pleasure of a lonely beach on Iona - July 2016


Sepia Saturday gives bloggers an opportunity 
to share their family history through photographs. 

Click HERE for this week's memories from fellow bloggers  



  1. Your first photo is a great match. Is it your father in uniform you're digging with? It looks like your family enjoyed many excursions to the sand.

    1. Yes you are right, Helen. I am digging with my father - it must have been towards the end of the war. I know he had leave between being in Germany and then being sent to Burma.

  2. I've explored enough of the British Isles to know that there are a few sand beaches, some with even a whitish grit too. But the cold North Sea climate is what turned Brits into seafarers just because they wanted to find a sun-warmed tropical beach.

  3. You reminded me of so many things; the itchy bathing suit and the dreadful swimming caps - I have a similar photo of me - which were a nightmare both to put on and take off. Lovely photos and many happy memories.

  4. Your brother's wool number had me laughing -- itch much?

  5. A lovely photograph of you with your father in uniform. In the first photo he and your brother don't look buried so much as sitting in a boat made of sand or inside a sandcastle perhaps.

  6. Lovely Photos! I Can Smell Salt!

  7. These are wonderful photos. I had one of those swimming caps, too, with little flower-petal flaps all over it. My family had those folding beach chairs, too!

  8. Glad you have Iona beach with wind as well as calm...just goes to let the tourists know there is more than one face of a beach!

  9. Weren't those swim caps awful? It was the norm when I was growing up too. We all wore them at the beach. They were a requirement at the pool. But looking back, it made sense when we were at a hotel because I doubt we traveled with a hair dryer back then. We had to look good for dinner out, so I guess we needed our hair to be dry.


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