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Thursday, 2 March 2017

Hats on for our Pets: Sepia Saturday

What to choose from this week's prompt picture?  
A verandah, railings, rocks, sailor suit collar, fancy hat, 
a close family trio or loving pets?   

I opted for a parade of hats and dogs. 


Enjoy an early 1900's fashion display of hats worn by 
my cousin's Oldham family of Blackpool, Lancashire.

Below my mother Kathleen Danson and her sister Edith in 1938. 

 Loving Pets  
Our daughter was 5 years old and Crufts Dog Championships Show was on television - how could we resist that combination. The result by the summer was Beauty a golden cocker spaniel became part of the family.

 Dog and Daughter, both  a wee bit older

It was a sad time when we lost Beauty at the age of nine, and we said we would not go through that again. But surreptiously we were all looking at adverts in the local papers, and within a month we had Colleen - a 2 year old gentle blue roan cocker. Somewhere amongst all that dark fur, there were two liquid eyes. 

Colleen died suddenly at seven years old at a time when there were other stresses in the family. We could not imagine family life without a dog and that had to be another cocker spaniel. 

So within a few months we had puppy Casmir (Cass) - an orange roan cocker - she had such a distinctive colouring, she became well known around our small town and lived to the grand age of 13.

I always felt that if Cass starred in a Disney dog cartoon, she would be the Princess. Judge for yourself here! 

And Finally - A Family Trio, Hats and a Pet come together, as we braved  the elements on the crossing to the Isle of Mull off the west coast of Scotland - all the other ferry passengers had gone for cover!


Sepia Saturday gives bloggers an opportunity 
to share their family history through photographs. 

Click HERE for more memories from fellow bloggers 


  1. Oh my, the Oldham family women certainly did like their hats! Beautiful. And speaking of beautiful, the photo of daughter and Cass is lovely. I'm glad the day we took the ferry to Mull the weather was not quite so glum. It was overcast but with peeks at the sun now and then so we rode up top most of the way. Different story coming back later, though. A little too chilly and too much wind. :)

  2. My favourite is the photo at crufts Dog Show - a perfect match!

  3. Oh those women had excellent taste in hats...they are beauties! I have a roan cattle dog x kelpie and she is a bit of a Princess I have to say...she is called Arwen...so that probably explains some of the attitude.

  4. Hats or Sombreros? Where did women store hats that large? And how many hats was typical for a woman's wardrobe? Handsome dogs, too.Spaniels are not as common in the US as they once were.

  5. Even though I have a large number of old photos, very few display hats. The ones that do are not nearly as interesting as yours. I like how you brought various themes together at the end of your post.


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