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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Windows on Life - Sepia Saturday

Windows in the classical style plus a close up of a man at a window are the photographs for this week's Sepia Saturday prompt.

One  photograph on my collection immediately came to mind - 
my little granddaughter at the window of  her Wendy house.

 A more pensive look here.

 First trip on a tram - and looking out of the window.
at Beamish Open Air Museum in County Durham - 
one of our favourite day trip destinations.

On a more serious note  - outside the window a special photograph of my grandfather and grandmother  - William Danson and Alice English, taken c.1916 when Grandad was setting  out for war. I never knew my grandmother as she died when I was a baby and this is the only photograph I have of William and Alice together.  

Alice has featured  several times on my blog as she is my major brick wall.  I have never been able to trace her  birth certificate, c.1884  to find out the name of her mother and her early life remains a mystery which I doubt if I will now solve.



With an interest in architecture, Windows feature a lot in our holiday photographs.

Warsaw - a house with decorated walls - open windows here, but no one looking out

Where 16th century  French architecture meets the contemporary style of the famous glass Louvre Pyramid. Opened in 1989,  it evoked controversy on many grounds. It now provides the entrance to the Louvre Museum, and somehow I think it works. 

Against the backcloth of a classical building,  a cow "marches" on parade atop of a bus shelter in Warsaw.  The  lull scale  fibre  glass figures are  decorated  by local artists and represent different aspects of city life and culture 

  The "Cow Parades" have become a popular feature of public art  in cities across the world, adding colour and interest to the surroundings. 


  Sepia Saturday gives an opportunity for genealogy bloggers 
                                to share their family history through photographs

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  1. That multi-colored cow must be the one who jumped over the moon (while the dish ran away with the spoon) Seriously, as was that cow, this is an interesting multi-faceted post with a little of everything for everyone! :)

  2. Your grand daughter is adorable. The glass pyramid at the Louvre is a great example of the daring use of windows. Too bad you can't find any info on Alice—that must be frustrating.

  3. Shepparton, a relatively small town in the middle of Victoria, has cows and they are very cheerful. It is called Moving art and there are 90 cows :) http://www.visitshepparton.com.au/moooving-art/about-moooving-art

    The picture of your grandparents is lovely.

  4. What a fun segue from playhouse window to more refined architectural windows. Clever take. Oh, and poor Alice -- I can empathize with you and the frustration of being forever stuck.

  5. Alice is a name I love, and I know how frustrated you are at not being able to find out more about your grandmother. She certainly was beautiful. I wonder how many days I'd need to visit the Louvre to see everything I want to - a year!

  6. Beautiful Grand Daughter :Beautiful Grandmother:Beautiful Post! Thank You.

  7. A fine mix of young and old. I'd love to have a multi-colored cox grazing on my front lawn!

  8. Thank you to everyone for taking time to comment. This was a fun psot to pull together and, as ever, it was fascinating to see how we all interpreted the prompt in different ways,


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