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Sunday, 23 October 2016

A Cavalcade of Cars : Sepia Saturday - Here to There 4

A second look at cars in this installment of Sepia Saturday's "Here to There" theme for October.   With thanks to my local history group Auld Earlston  for many of the photographs featured here.

A photograph from my cousin's collection on his Oldham Family  

 Prime Minister Asquith leaving Earlston Station in 1908 in the official car to take him to the political meeting in the village of Earlston.  

 Out for a drive in Earlston c.1920's

 Baker's Van in Earlston

From Baker to Butcher  - with a rather rickety looking vehicle  belonging to Donaldson family  in Earlston - no relation!  

Driving down  the middle of the road  in the Scottish Borders on what is now the busy A68 road linking Edinburgh south into England, c.1930's

Andrew Taylor & Sons, Ironmonger & Grocer in Earlston,
  - listed in a Directory of 1931. 
Earlston Local Historian John Weatherly with his Pride and Joy

And what was likely to be the biggest danger facing motorists
 in the early 20th century ?   Children playing on the road. 

High Street, Earlston, Scottish Borders - early 20th century.  


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  1. A wonderful cavalcade of old vehicles. The sports car looks rather jazzy, & a great collection of old trucks. We didn't live on a main thoroughfare, but I used to play (American) football in the street with a neighbor boy. :) Sometimes we had a younger sibling sit on the curb and yell "Car" if they saw one coming.

  2. We used to get paddled for playing in the road. Great old vehicles.

  3. Lovely collection of old vehicles. I love old cars and plan to do a post later this week. Thanks for sharing yours.


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