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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Having Fun: Sepia Saturday - Work and Play 4

Having spent all this month focusing on Work, 
it is  time to have some fun and  Play.

Having fun on the beach - my husband's great aunt Violet (left) and friends, c.1920'  

Playing in the garden - my mother and aunt - Kathleen and Edith Danson c.1914

More fun on the beach - my brother in that fetching knitted playsuit - and myself

 Bournemouth in the 1950's

My brother again  - in the  paddling pool in the park at Bournemouth - he usually managed to fall in and my mother knew to take with us a change of clothes.

 Playing hide and seek with my daughter in the ruins of a castle,
 near our home in the Scottish Borders, c.1970.s

 Having fun in winter!  "The Hills are Alive"  for my husband and daughter. 
 Look at that  nifty footwork!  
Our dog has dashed out of the picture at this sight - 
spot the red dog lead around my husband, c.1990's.

Jumping for Joy!
Granddaughter is never happier than when jumping, climbing, or running, 2016. 

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  1. A post filled with fun times! Granddaughter can certainly jump! And the photo of her doing so ain't bad, either!! :)

  2. A lovely selection of 'family at play' photos down the generations. I like the 'Fun in Winter' shot!


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