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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Workaday Wednesday - What is a Worker? ,

I came across this quotation recently on Pinterest, and thought it  was worth considering in relation to our own families.  With thanks to www.ponderabout.com 

Do these descriptions strike a chord with the lives of your ancestors?  


"Working Lives"  - photographs from the collection of my local heritage group 
in the Scottish Borders  - Auld Earlston 

Textile workers at Simpson & Fairbairn Mill, Earlston

Hay making above Earlston

World War Two Nurses  - On Parade.


Workaday Wednesday is one of many daily prompts  from Geneabloggers encouraging bloggers to record their family and local history.


  1. Yes, it does strike a cord. I have all three in my family tree.

  2. Thanks for a post that leads us to evaluate our own ancestors...
    I have included this in Interesting Blogs..


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