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Thursday, 28 April 2016

A-Z: I Remember....Youth Culture


I have to admit that YOUTH CULTURE largely passed me by and my memories are slight.

I remember the advent of rock & roll and remember all the fuss about  some girls at my school skipping lessons to go and see Elvis Presley's film "Blue Moon".  Cliff Richards and the Shadows were all the rage and I quite liked some of their songs, without getting over enthusiastic.   

Frank Ifield, Pat Boone, Perry Como, Val Doonican and the New Seekers  come to mind, along with Alma Cogan, Dusty Springfield, Sandy Shaw, Lulu and Cilla Black.  We were regualr watchers in those days of TV's annual  Eurovision Song Contest.

When I met my husband, and we had evenings in listening to record (and smooching!), Jim Reeves was the favourite.  

My tastes were more easy listening, musicals and popular classics than pop.  So in this respect I was not a typical teenager.   I was into my 20's before I got my first transistor radio.  I am hopeless in TV quiz programmes where the topic is Pop Music - I haven't a clue! 

On  other hand I was very keen to learn to jive!  

Fashion was another matterI followed the  50's trend for full skirts, waspie belt and a pony tail.  The 60'sand early 70's  of course meant mini-skirts, shift dresses and peter pan collars, with fur hats popular for winter  after the release of the film "Dr. Zhivago".  So I will end with a fashion show from my YOUTHFUL days! 

I loved wearing pinafore dresses and had several  in my wardrobe - slimming and versatile worn with jumpers or blouses.  Inverary Castle, Argyll in the background. 

  A miniskirt, peter pan collar with a rather jazzy coat in  horizontal stripes.

The Dr. Zhivago hat with big pom pom ties saw me through many winters - here with my daughter taken on her  birthday in snowy January.  

And finally have a laugh at this!  
My first professional job was at the Scottish Community Education Centre, a new organization where I set up the reference library. We held an official opening with a wine and  cheese party, and as the girls on the staff we obviously chose to forego our work garb for these typically late 1960's outfits of frills & miniskirts.  



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D - Dolls + Dogs & Desserts     
E - Events + Eating Out & Easter    
F - Food + Fads & Fashion and Freedom
G - Grandparents + Games   
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S - Speccy Four Eyes + School, Sports, Sundays, Student Days and the Space Race    
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  1. I liked your fashion show. You were quite stylish for the times. I don't think a fashion show from my past would look so good.

  2. I loved Jim Reeves too. My brother had a record that was made putting Jim Reeves together with Patsy Cline - after they were both dead! It was great! But I also liked Elvis movies that played at our one screen theater called The film Box.
    Our high school had a film club and they played second run movies for 25 cents.

  3. I agree with your taste in music. I was a great fan of musicals - Oklahoma, Carousel, My Fair lady, Sound of Music etc but I think the first record I ever bought was Sing C'est La Vie by Sonny and Cher. In my late teens I was into Folk Music influenced by my flat mates and then when I met my husband we both liked Bee Gees, Beatles. After 1980 I can't remember much except for Play School melodies and nursery songs.

  4. I had a blouse much like yours in the last photo. If you had asked my favorite music stars from the 60s, I wouldn't have been able to name many more than the Beatles and Dave Clark 5. Your list has triggered my memory -- LOVED LOVED Dusty Springfield.

  5. You're done! congratulations. I still have to do Z. Sometimes I look back at the minis I wore and shake my head.

    Finding Eliza

  6. I really liked pinafore dresses too!


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