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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

A-Z: I Remember....The Queen Coronation

I Remember When......
Recalling Memories of My Childhood

The QUEEN'S CORONATION was on June 2nd 1953.  

I was nine years old  and had been busy making  red, white and blue decorations, creating  a coronation scrapbook, collecting my coronation mug (presented to all children)  and playing with the doll my mother made for me, dressed as the Queen with a long velvet purple embroidered train, and on the day itself watching the ceremony on our new 10-inch screen black and white television    I had put on my yellow taffeta party dress in honour of the occasion.  

But there was a personal dimension to the day, as my mother was in hospital for three weeks around that time after a major operation.  For my younger brother and myself it was a strange uncertain time, especially as children we were not allowed to visit the hospital.  The day she came home was emotional as we all burst into tears - and I wore again my party dress to welcome Mum back to the family.

 My copy of the official programme

Another Q:
I have always enjoyed QUIZZES on the radio in the 1950's there was "Top  of the Form" where different schools competed against each other.  At home we played "Country, County, Town etc." - a pencil and paper game, where we picked a letter blindfold and then had to come up with answers on ten topics e.g. Animal, girl's name, colour, make of car etc. - the winner chose the topics for the next game.  Quizzes remain one of my favourite type of TV programme - I enjoy testing my knowledge! 


  1. I remember the Queen's Coronation too. I was seven. We also had a very small tv. Of course being American and living in Detroit, we didn't have any important events leading up to it or following.

    Finding Eliza

  2. I love that you got a mug for the coronation! How neat is that? Yes I enjoy quizzes too although I found them a bit daunting when I was a child and visited the UK. All the kids there seemed so very smart in comparison to me. I think you guys do a lot of quizzes in comparison to Aussies who tend to spend a lot more time outdoors. Well, that's my excuse anyway.

  3. I was a baby. YAY - finally an event I don't remember. The queen looks great - hard to believe she's 90. I too love quiz games. We watch "Jeopardy" and my husband keeps saying I need to go on the show, but I'm not good across the board. I only know what I know.


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