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Sunday, 6 March 2016

Travel Tuesday - A Tragic Emigration Journey

I came across this item in a local newspaper  and it illustrates the hazards emigrants faced in their journey to a new life.

“LOSS OF TWO EMIGRANT SHIPS. – The last accounts from St. John’s, Newfoundland, mention the loss of the two emigrant ships, the Rosebank, from Belfast, and the Rhydal, from Aberstwith, which occurred in the early part of May last, and was occasioned by their getting entangled among a mass of icebergs. The Rosebank was a ship of 600 tons. Fortunately no lives were lost, with the exception of one man, who, in getting into the boat, fell overboard, and was not seen after. The captain of the Rhydal (which was 200 tons only), in his letter to the owners, states that the emigrants last everything they possessed; and it is feared those on board the Rosebank fared little better.”



  1. Dear Susan,I so enjoy your blogs particularly the Staining memories .I am currently working on a novel and have been researching munitionetts as my Aunty worked in Barrow during WW1 having never left Marton Moss and Blackpool before .I've sent you an -mail as I don't know if thislink will work .You may remember me Jennifer Hesketh (now Jennifer Siswick )Happy days -particularly the Elsan toilet in the Institute !Hugs Jennifer

  2. Thank you, so much, Jennifer for getting in touch. Yes I do remember those times. I will send an e-mail with more details.

  3. Sue, I have included this post in Interesting Blogs at
    Thanks, Chris


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