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Saturday, 19 December 2015

Sepia Saturday - Christmas Tree Memories

Sepia Saturday give bloggers an opportunity to share their family history and memories  through photographs.

It would not be Christmas without a Christmas tree.  We did start married life with the real thing, but I soon got fed up of gathering  pine  needles, so reverted to an artificial tree - traditional in style - no modern minimalist, designer look in our home. Reading house style magazines, some people favour strict colour themes  - blue, white & silver, or red and gold.    

But for our family, the Christmas Tree is one of Happy Memories. 

In the past it displayed our daughter's infant school efforts - who can forget  the bells made out of egg cartons covered in baking foil?   

Now the Christmas tree reflects our hobbies and holidays. At one stage I was an avid cross stitcher and made a series of little stockings to hang on the tree.

 I once enjoyed taking part in a  Christmas crafts workshop and came home with this decorated bel- simple but effective.  

 Reflecting our other pastimes are miniature musical instruments and a music scroll. 


For me classical ballet is the most beautiful of the arts,  The stocking above  I bought at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden in London after seeing a magical performance of "Sleeping Beauty".  

Holiday memories abound on our tree - gathered from  Germany, Austria, Bruges and Poland, with stars, bells,  baubles and wee carvings all managing to survive the journey home. 


Other favourites 



Discovering the decorations again when we get the boxes down from the loft is pleasure in itself.  Last Saturday brought even more pleasure as our young  granddaughter gave a hand and her excitement at finding all the different decorations was a delight in itself -  something else to hold onto and recall.  
So our tree is quite small 
but looking at it every year, brings back memories of happy times.   


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Adapted from earlier Christmas postings in the Geneabloggers series
“Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories 

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  1. A lovely post to match the prompt.

  2. Love all the different ornaments from everywhere - plus the very special ones from earlier days. We have 3 basic trees: the "General" tree with colored lights & all the keepsakes & special treasures; the "Victorian" tree with fancy old fashioned pastel ornaments & white lights; & the "Outdoor" tree - again with colorful lights & all manner of hunting, fishing, camping, & etc. ornaments created when my husband wondered if we were going to have a "pink" (Victorian) tree forever. Guess I'd gotten a little carried away with that one. :)

  3. I used to enjoy making ornaments for myself and gifts. I still use those along with a variety of cloth ornaments that I have purchased. My real favorites are the old-fashioned figural glass ornaments, but I haven't put those on a tree since I got cats.

  4. I see we are of the same mind re the cross stitched little stockings and I have some little circular cross stitched ornaments as well. We've gone in the reverse direction, from artificial to real trees over the last few years. The needles can be a bit of a problem but they smell nice!

  5. Isn’t it great that each ornament has special memories? I too have cross-stitched ornaments, and even though some of them have faded, I still love to see them.

  6. During the Christmas season I'm always reminded of my lack of crafty skills. Maybe that's why I see getting out the ornaments as a chore instead of a joy. I envy all those memories you have as you decorate your tree. Merry Christmas!!

  7. This year for the first time in several years we've put up a Christmas tree. First I couldn't find the twinkle lights and had to improvise something with rope lights. Then the quantity of ornaments seemed less than we remember. Where's that special bell? What happened to the fancy red bird? And on and on. It looks passable enough as every year is different. But I expect next week my wife will go out to the store and stock up on new traditions from the discount isle.
    I hope you have a joyful holiday!

  8. Themes for Christmas trees? You bet! One year my mother did an entire tree with white lights, tinsel and stuffed birds she found in a craft store -- it was just wonderful!

  9. Christmas such a special times for memories. Your christmas decorations are lovely and it seems each piece has a story to tell.


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