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Friday, 11 September 2015

Sepia Saturday - A Convivial Drink

Each week Sepia Saturday encourages bloggers to record their family history through photographs.  

This week's prompt features a wine label, but  I must admit my family are an abstemious lot, and I was only able  to unearth one vintage photographs to match the theme.  

So - Raise your glasses this week for a convivial drink! 

The only photograph I have of my great grandfather James Danson,. sitting merrily in  the stocks at Poulton-le-Fylde. By all accounts of his family, he was a bit of a ne'er do well, but clearly having fun in what could be a staged photograph.
Or this case raise your German  Beer Stein!  This ornate one, with a pewter lid  is decorated in the  Bavarian colours of blue and white.   And yes - it was bought as a holiday souvenir. 

Enjoying the Good Life
In a Munich Biergarten 

On an Austrian Mountainside

I must admit I took this photograph rather surreptitiously in a cafe bar in Munch Square, in Bavaria, Germany.  The two men looked so genial sitting there with their huge beer tankards.  Combined with the sign,  this seemed such a good photograph to take to typify the Bavarian scene.  Meanwhile we were indulging in a drink and "kuche" -(cakes). 

A Bavarian  sign celebrating the grape. 

An old whisky sign taken at Beamish Open Air Museum in north east England 

A sign painted by my father-in-law (left)  who was a painter & sign-writer in Edinburgh . 

The Pot Still at Glenkinchie Distillery

Clydesdale Horses pulling the dray advertising Vaux Brewery Fine Ales.

A typically English pub sign at Greenwich,in London

A Final Toast  - Cheers!

Sign at the Beacon Hill pub in Boston  
that inspired the TV programme  launched in 1982.

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  1. A nice collection of photos and signs relating to the making, selling and drinking of alcoholic beverages, despite your family's abstemiousness!

  2. Is that really a WORD? Abstemious? It's the best thing I've learned all week...what a mouthful!

  3. Great bunch of photographs, thanks for sharing them.

  4. YOu sure came up with a lot of photos having to do with wishing others good cheer...including that pub in Boston which led to that jolly TV show Cheers. Thanks.

  5. What a splendid still. My sister worked in quality control at a pharmaceutical company and a still figured in the manufacture of something. One day it quit and my sister for days thereafter was pleased to issue the favorite inter-office memo of her career stating, "The still is still still." Your father-in-law's sign still looks good...that kind of cinemascope effect catches the eye.

  6. You have a lot more pictures involving drinks than I do of my family, who make no pretense of abstaining.

  7. A fine medley of mixed drinks. I often take photos of memorable pub signs too.

  8. Such a great post Sue. I didn't even try to find anything in my bunch of photos. You did really well. Helen I had a good giggle at the still is still still :)

  9. A fine gallery Sue and I raise a glass to your father-in-law’s skill at signwriting.

  10. Look at the precision of your father-in-law's sign! It is easy to do that on the computer, but by hand - oh the time it took to measure and space it out and keep it all straight. This entire post felt like a holiday, so cheerful and fun.

  11. Many thanks to fellow bloggers for your comments. This was one off those posts, where initially I felt I had very little to reflect the prompt, and then all of a sudden, photographs came to mind. That is the fun of Sepia Saturday!

  12. Such nice photos of people raising a glass of cheer. I don't drink so I'm always feeling odd when I have to raise an empty glass or one containing water. Water just doesn't seem to feel like a cheerful drink.


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