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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

A-Z Challenge: X for EXperiences

A-Z of Family History Sources & Stories 
Join me on this A-Z journey to explore the fascinating records
that can  enhance your family history research and writing.

What about your own family history EXperiences as a source for your writing?    Here are some  thoughts.

  • How  knowledgeable  are you on the  records that exist on your ancestors?  
  • How exacting is your  note taking?
  • Do you explain your sources and unusual words & terms?
  • Do you explore the background to your ancestors lives e.g. where they lived and the jobs they did?   
  • Do you exchange information with fellow family historians?  
  • Which findings have excited you?  
  • Do your results exude confidence and reliability?
  • How far  have you exceeded your expectations?
  • How are you expressing your family stories?
And finally after all of that - recover from EXhaustion!

On to Y for  Youthful Memories 



  1. HA - I see the letter X didn't make you eXit the challenge. Well-done!

    1. Many thanks, Wendy - I never thought of that one!

  2. I never really involve my family in my stories, although I'm sure past experiences always color my writing in some way.

    1. Thank you, Stephanie, for taking the time tho comment. I should add that on my blog I do not give the names of my living relatives, but just refer to brother, daughter etc. plus of course avoiding any sensitive issues. My family history narratives are purely for my immediate family. So far they are happy for me to do this.

  3. It's really too bad that all those word that start with the X sound have an "e" in front! It would make it so much easier for us A to Z challengers.


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