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Friday, 27 March 2015

Sepia Saturday - Big Wheels to the Fore

Each week, Sepia Saturday, provides an opportunity for genealogy bloggers to share their family history through photographs.   

Wheels is my focus for this week's theme with my first photographs,  courtesy of my local heritage group Auld Earlston.
 A tractor - and a giant wheel!

 Donaldsons,  (no relation), the butchers still operate  Earlston -
 though they have updated  their vehicles!  

 A lorry of Brownlie's Sawmill which again is still operating in the village. 

Some family photographs:

My father (on the left), and his brother, 
standing proud in front of Dad's first car, c. 1936. 

Onto the 1970's.  to a family holiday in the North Yorkshire Moors National Park and here is a powerful view of one of the  steam trains on the heritage line between Grosmont and Pickering  - a photograph taken by my husband.

 A visit to the National Railway Museum at York was also on the itinerary where our  daughter enjoyed playing gymnastics on the giant wheels. 


Full circle - and back to tractors -  and here is my little granddaughter one Christmas morning with her present - so she could be like Daddy driving his tractor. 

Drive over HERE to see more images from fellow bloggers. 


  1. Your granddaughter really looks happy with her tractor!

  2. Your granddaughter put a smile on my face!

    Isn't it wonderful when there are photos of first cars! The only one that I have is after I crashed my first car :(

  3. Great wheels! Love the photo of your granddaughter, she looks so happy.

  4. Your daughter playing on those giant wheels was smart -- gives some perspective as to just how giant those giant wheels were. The 1936 car strikes me as very small or the men very tall.

  5. Just look at that early "Mini" car in 1936!

  6. Great photos, especially your granddaughter and the photo of the locomotive that your father took, great shot!

  7. Glad to see the young'un given something sensible instead of a toy iron and apron :-)

  8. Your dad's first car is adorable, though he might not appreciate that unmanly term.

  9. Some neat pictures here. My favorite, however, is of daughter hanging off the giant railway wheels. What is it about kids hanging off of things? I remember always wanting to do that whenever I saw a bar at just the right height to grab hold of.

  10. I love the casual pose in the first photo.

  11. All great, but I especially like the one of the steam train taken by your husband. Your daughter on the wheel is great too. A nice take on the theme.

  12. Super photos all. I especially like the one of the steam train wheels.

  13. Wonderful vintage photos. Even in my own lifetime there have been so many changes--many more than my preceding generation I think.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Wrote By Rote

  14. I so love those pictures, especially those of the train.

    I hope you have a fantastic A to Z!
    Sylvia van Bruggen @ Playful Creative


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