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Friday, 6 February 2015

Sepia Saturday - Teatime with Family China

Each week, Sepia Saturday, provides an opportunity for genealogy bloggers to share their family history through photographs.

Arts & crafts and potters feature in this week's prompt photograph. 


I have written  about my mother's talents in previous blog posts,  notably  in Happiness is Stitching, which focused on her skill with the needle.  

But Mum (right)  also tried her hand at many other crafts, in this case,  painting on china.  Here are some examples of her work, which are signed on the back with her initials and the date 1960. 

Mum  came from a family of three sisters who were all engaged in various crafts.  Here is a small plate  painted by her younger sister Margaret, known as Peggy,  with the inscription on the reverse "Handpainted by M.  Constable, 1979."

Peggy  met her husband whilst working in a barrage balloon squadron during the war.  She  emigrated to Australia shortly after and brought me this little plate on her only return visit to Britain in 1980 - Peggy here with her sons Philip and Ian - my Australian cousins, c.1954

Continuing the theme of china, here are three tea-sets from three generations - my mother, my grandmother and my great grandmother. 

 My mother's wedding china from 1938

 The wedding china of my grandmother Alice Danson, nee English who married my grandfather William Danson in 1907.  

Alice English - could this be her wedding photo,  given she is wearing a corsage? Copies of the photograph  were held by various branches  of the family.
And finally a tea-set of my great grandmother,  Maria Danson, nee Rawcliffe.(1859-1919)
According to her granddaughter, Maria acquired it by collecting coupons from a newspaper offer. 

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  1. Of those three, it's your mother's a like the best. All have similarities in their patterns, but your mother's has the best lines, I think.

  2. I have a painted plate that belonged to my grandmother. I used to try a lot of crafts, but not that one.

  3. Sue, you do have a treasure trove of painted china. Your china cabinet must be like a walk thru your family history. I also liked having the photos of the owners and creators. Added wondeerful depth to the post. Particularly liked the picture of your grandmother Alice. However, I related to your gggrandomother Maria's coupon clipping. My grandmother obtained a cherished water pitcher from a box of soap - vintage early 1900s. Great post.

  4. Your mother and Aunt Peggy had talent! Those are lovely pieces. But I, too, like your mother's in especial. Aunt Peggy's is very pretty, but your Mum's somehow strikes a chord with me. :)

  5. What a wonderful collection of china you have, through the generations and across the seas. Hand painting on china was something "ladies" apparently did around the turn of the last century (1800-1900)...and your little flower bouquet is a great looking example. I've never seen how it's done, with those pale colors...but will be doing some research on it. I think I still have one piece my grandmother did.

  6. That was delightful Such talented ladies, And i enjoyed the reminders of pretty teacups past.

  7. So are you talented and crafty like your family?

    I hadn't heard the term "barrage balloon" previously. So I gather that your Uncle is an Australian then?

  8. Beautiful china, and I love the last photograph, which I assume is of your great grandmother

  9. Love the wedding photo and the beautiful cups and saucers!! Great post!

  10. I wonder if people still paint on china? You never seem to hear of it these days. China should be kept and handed down but that particular trend also seems to be dying out. I blame dishwashers (mind you I blame them for most things)

  11. China which is not only lovely to admire but also has sentimental value. The sepia pictures add the extra interest for us too.

  12. I never thought of checking my glass cabinet for this week's theme! You've done well.

  13. Love this post! I'm very drawn to the wedding china. The women in your family had exquisite taste. Imagine that one gorgeous set being purchased with coupons -- it looks so fine.

  14. Love this post! I'm very drawn to the wedding china. The women in your family had exquisite taste. Imagine that one gorgeous set being purchased with coupons -- it looks so fine.


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