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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Onto 2015 - Let's Get Serious with Strategy and Goals.

An invigorating  air is whirling around the geneabloggers community with the recent New Year posts, as we consider our goals for 2015 - not least by following Thomas MacEntee's Genealogy Do Over project, which has stimulated so much online  discussion.

When I first read about the project, my immediate  reaction was "Yes - count me In", as I am always ready to improve my research skills and genealogy knowledge.  However on consideration, I have decided it is not for me in terms of the scale of work and time involved in going over 30 years of research. 

Instead I am adopting as my theme the Three R's of Genealogy" - Revisit, Record, Revise” as set out by Cassmob (Pauleen) in her graphic below.  Thank you, Pauleen.  for giving me permission to feature it.
This approach  prompted me to look afresh  at my research  on  my great, great, great grandmother  Elizabeth Danson, nee Brown,  who was little more than a name to me,   as the wife of Henry Danson, yeoman farmer. 

 I had never written a profile on Elizabeth as an individual, so I set out to see how I could bring her more to the fore of my family history  by  revisiting  the records. I found it a very worthwhile exercise and the result  on the WorldWide  Genealogy Collaboration site was my post   Bringing Betty Out of the Shadows" . 

So how am I using this strategy in 2015 ? 
  1. To complete the final part of my Danson family history narrative.

  2. To complete the final part of the  narrative on my husband's Donaldosn family.
  3. To spend more time researching my father's Weston family, where I have little beyond names and dates.

    (These top three goals have been on my "to do" list a ridiculous length of time).
  4. To revisit in some depth all the information I have on my grandmother Alice English - my major brick wall where I have been unable to trace an 1884 birth certifcate and find out the name of her mother.

  5. To get up to date with my data on Legacy - I am way behind here.
  6. To come to grips with Google+ - although I have signed up I am slow making the best use of it.
  7. To continue adding to  “I Remember When….”  a journal of my personal memories from my childhood and beyond.   
  8. To continue with my participation in the WorldWide  Genealogy Collaboration website.
  9. This involves improving my time management at the computer  - I so easily get bogged down in the small tasks of reading, replying, deleting e-mails, reading and commenting on other blog posts, that the time passes and I have not progressed my major goals as regards research and writing.  
    Does anyone else have this problem? 

And all that is more than enough to keep me busy!  Having  set down these goals online, I hope I will be more motivated to follow them through.  Watch this space! 

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