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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories 2 - Cards

In previous Advent Calendar posts on today's theme, I have written  about my  Christmas Card Scrapbooks - a favourite post-Christmas occupation.   It seems such a shame to bin so many lovely images that I have come up with my own way of retaining the cards to give lasting  pleasure. 


 This year I thought it time for a change and am focusing on vintage cards. including ones with a First World War connection.

My husband's uncle's wife was from Germany  and 
here is a typically charming card from that country. 

The postcard above, sent in 1877,  was in the family collection of a distant cousin.  The verse reflects  Victorian maudlin sentiment of the time,  
but it is still a lovely picture.  

Below are embroidered cards in  the collection sent back by my grandfather from Flanders during the First World War 

A further embroidered  card in the family collection of my cousin Stuart

A 1915 card sent to the "Earlston Boys on the front from their home village -
Earlston in the Scottish Borders 
           A French card in my cousin Stuart's ' collection 

Where I live there is little opportunity to find old postcards, so I was delighted to come across this delightful picture in a recently opened vintage shop in a nearby town. 

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  1. Hi, really enjoyed those beautiful Christmas Cards.

  2. I just love Christmas cards. Your scrapbook is a neat idea. I always hate throwing them out/recycling them. Think I might just start doing that this year.

  3. A lovely collection of embroidered cards.


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