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Friday, 14 November 2014

Sepia Saturday - Hugs and Cuddles but No Kisses

Sepia Saturday give bloggers an opportunity to share their family history through photographs.

Not quite cuddles, kisses and lifts, as my family proved  to show  a restraining  side in front of the camera.  But still love and affection shine through the hugs and holding hands in these some of my favourite photographs.

The water is not as deep and the rocks not as high as in the prompt image, but here is  the earliest photograph I have of my parents together, taken by the river at Kirby Lonsdale in Cumbria where they got engaged in 1937.  My mother looks very elegant, but how on earth did she negotiate those stepping stones?   

 Much bigger rocks here plus some knee-hugging!   My father and mother (on the left) and I have no idea who the middle girl is. 

I was born during the Second World War and this is the earliest photograph I have of myself -with my father. Was this the first time he saw me? 

Another hug from Daddy in our back garden.  But what would the health pundits today have to say today about that cigarette near a child?  

A big hug from my father in 1965, just before I left to work for a year in the United States. 

Husband and I on honeymoon in the south of England and here at Stonehenge, so plenty of visitors around  to deter anything more than this arm in arm gesture 

Baby daughter having a lovely cuddle from Mummy - besides the river in Hawick in the Scottish Borders

Our young daughter took this photograph whilst we were out on a walk -  the nearest I have to  showing  a proper cuddle.  It was the 1970's as you can tell from the miniskirt and large collar. 

Daughter and granddaughter in one of those "snap of the moment" photographs which turned out to be a delight. 

Still arm in arm - husband and I 40 years on, celebrating out Ruby Wedding Anniversary by the Austrian Lakes.

Where would we be without the unstinting love and affection from our pets, always ready to greet us and cuddle in.

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  1. Stonehenge always looks the same, but we know the difference of years, by the close we wear! Funny right! I like all your lovely photos! Don't forget to put your link at Sepia Saturday, I didn't see it there but I follow you so I caught it!

    1. Many thanks, Karen, for your comment and your reminder about the Sepia Saturday link.. I must admit I forgot all about doing it. The last time I did that, I was wondering why I was not receiving many comments, until light dawned!

  2. If that photo is of your parents before they were married then my guess is that your all-dressed-iup mother would be having a few little squeals at the danger she was in and clutching at her squire's arm and pleading for help. Does that sound like a possibility for your pre-wedding mother ? A great post.

  3. What a beautiful collection of loving family photos. Kissing & cuddling is nice, but holding hands & hugging is right up there!

  4. Sue, you found the perfect photo! I'm sure your dad would have helped your mother gallantly across the rocks, or maybe even carried her given the shoes she is wearing!

  5. There is something tempting about rocks in a river that makes us venture out no matter what we're wearing. I enjoyed all these pictures - can't decide on a favorite.

  6. No-one being cuddled is the least bit shy - except for the dog.

  7. I love the look on the dogs face!

  8. Cherishable photos each one, but there is something about the older black and whites that I enjoy the most. Yes, how did your Mom climb in what does not appear to be boots? The WWII photos look like mine as a baby from same era. For sure the cigarette would cause an outrage from some today! You seem to have survived it all well.

  9. The theme promp gentleman was being very gallant and I’m sure your father was too as he gave your mother a helping hand onto that stone. The water may not have been deep but the love between the newly engaged couple surely was. You and your husband are clearly similarly blessed. It’s our 40th next year; I wonder where we’ll celebrate.

  10. Congrats on your 40th...that's a lot of life together. The first photo is taken in the same era as mine of my parents prior to their 1937 marriage...same style in clothes!

  11. That first photo is a perfect match.

  12. Thank you to everyone for such lovely comments. Ity proved to be a sentimental post to pull together to recapture lots of happy memories.

  13. What a nice bunch of friendly family photos. I especially like the one of you and your new husband at Stonehenge and the one on your 40th anniversary, although the one of you and your father as you prepare to come to the US for a years is a close second.

  14. Lovely shots. Happy unions that have lasted.

  15. Lovely photos with hugs and cuddles. I admire your mother for being on those rocks all dressed up and in high heels. I'd have fallen in. Here's to more decades of happiness....40 might be optimistic :0


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