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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Sepia Saturday - Boys, Beaches and a Back View

Sepia Saturday give bloggers an opportunity to share their family history and memories through photographs.

Boys, beaches and a back view are my theme to match this week's prompt, with a sideline of hats.   


Sailor suits were very popular  in the late 19th and early 20th century and you can see this style in many portraits and old  photographs of Royal children.  Here is Prince Albert Edward (the future  King Edward VII),  son of Queen Victoria, in a portrait by Franz Winterhalter, 1846.    [Source - Wikipedia]

Jackie Threlfall
This is the only sailor  suit  image I have, taken  from the the large collection left by my Great Aunt Jennie (Danson), who grew up in Poulton-le-Fylde, Lancashire. She had written names on the back of many of the photographs which  I suspect were of friends and  children of friends.  I was unable to make little  headway in further identification. 

Below - at the seaside  of sorts!  Another photograph from Aunt Jennie's collection, Jesse and Bernard Pennington, looking very serious in this studio shot against the background of a choppy sea.
Jesse and Bernard Pennington#

My brother c.1950 in his natty knitted bathing suit and what could be my sun hat!  

Back to the 1920's and some  beach scenes of my husband's Great Aunt Pat's  family and  friends - in all seasons.  

Pat was born in South Shields in 1896, the daughter of George and Sarah Hibbert.  George was a miner, born in Derbyshire who then moved to the Yorkshire coalfields and then onto South Shields. 

  Aunt Pat with her daughter Annette, born 1919.

Aunt Pat with her father George Hibbert, Annette & friend

Judging by the clothes, this looks to be taken in winter - 
Aunt Pat with her husband Frank King, Annette and small son, also Frank

And finally - the only back view I could find  - my daughter and I looking across to Scott's View in the Scottish Borders c.1976 I am amazed at the fact I am wearing a dress and court shoes for such an outing, as I don't think we were going anywhere special.   How fashions have changed!  Now it would be trousers and a fleece.


Click HERE to see how other bloggers' photographs of beaches, boys and back views   - or perhaps hats, sacks, and rocks. 


  1. What interesting photos. Love the sailor suits. I think I must have a family picture somewhere with a sailor suit featured. The studio backdrop is an odd choice seems like. Not very convincing is it?

  2. I enjoyed all the pictures. But my favorite is the last one. There's just something about a fence and a view beyond that piques the imagination. I guess that's why I've always liked pictures with roads or paths curving and fading just out of view leaving me to wonder where they might lead me?

  3. Clothes for the beach - many and varied.

  4. I had a knitted bathing suit like that in the 1940s - I hated it and never wanted to get wet in it!

  5. Those cloche hats do pinpoint an era. I guess the sailor suits do too.

  6. I'm wearing a very similar natty looking knitted bathing suit in one of my photos this week. A nice selection of photos. It doesn't look too warm in some of them, but of course even today we don't only go to the beach to swim.

  7. The first bathing suit I remember having was knit, and it felt heavy and uncomfortable when wet.

  8. Oh, knitted bathers! I remember my brother and I in some of those!
    But sailor collars? I used to help sew those for the Boy Cadets at Whale Island, HMS Excellent...

  9. I think you've covered almost all the hints in the photo this week - well done!

  10. magnificent collection of photos, from the unknown children to those of your aunt and the last one with both you and daughter and blue dress.

  11. I'm a little envious of you, having such a wonderful family collection of photos going back so far! What a beautiful thing to be able to trace your family resemblances through the generations -- with the changing wardrobes! Enjoyed these! (And, though maybe not as practical as slacks and a sweater, I love the dress you were wearing in the last photo. Very nice!)

  12. I guess I'm lucky - having had to suffer neither a sailor suit nor a knitted swimsuit!

  13. That are impressive collection of old photos. Maybe I should start gather back all old photos my families have.

  14. Funny about that backdrop of the raging ocean -- I wonder why the photographer didn't make more of an effort to blend the backdrop and actual setting, at least throw some sand in there!


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