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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Q for Queen of Scots & Queen of Elfland

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Q is for: 

in 1566, Mary Queen of Scots  went to Jedburgh,  staying  in a bastel (fortified) house belonging to the local Kerr family.  Hearing that Lord Bothwell (later her third husband)  lay wounded at Hermitage Castle, Mary set out on an arduous return journey of 80 miles to visit him. She arrived back from a dreich moorland ride, ill and close to death and is later said to have remarked "Would that I had died in Jethart", as her troubles crowded upon her.
Mary Queen of Scots House, Jedburgh 


Elf Queen
The Queen of Elfland
 Legend tells that the Queen of Elfland met Borders poet Thomas the Rhymer (c.1210-c.1290) and transported him to her kingdom in the nearby Eildon Hills. Thomas served the Queen for seven years before he returned to his own land with the gift of prophecy

TRUE THOMAS lay oer yond grassy bank,
  And he beheld a ladie gay,
A ladie that was brisk and bold,
 Come riding oer the fernie brae. 

Her skirt was of the grass-green silk,
  Her mantel of the velvet fine,
At ilka tett 2 of her horse’s mane
  Hung fifty silver bells and nine.

True Thomas he took off his hat,
  And bowed him low down till his knee:
“All hail, thou mighty Queen of Heaven!
  For your peer on earth I never did see.”

“O no, O no, True Thomas,” she says,
  “That name does not belong to me;
I am but the Queen of fair Elfland,
  And I’m come here for to visit thee

Scottish Borders in Scotland.svg

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Rugby, Rivers and Rumbldethumps

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  1. I have visited this area just once, but very impressed by its beauty. I stayed in Yethom so I imagine that is what you may have planned for Y.

  2. So I guess he spoke to no one, as instructed. I enjoy reading the old words.


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