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Monday, 28 April 2014

X for EXplorer, EXcursions, EXpressions & EXhaustion

Welcome to a Look Around 
"My Scottish Borders"

X is for: 
An EXplorer plus EXcursions, EXpressions, EXchanges & EXhaustion!

 EXplorer MUNGO PARK (1771 – 1806), was born near Selkirk in the Scottish Borders, the seventh of thirteen children.  At the age of fourteen, he was apprenticed to local surgeon Thomas Anderson before studying medicine and botany  at Edinburgh University.

Under the auspices of the African Association, he led an expedition to explore the course of the River  Niger - at 2600 miles the third longest river in Africa.   His book Travels in the Interior Districts of Africa became a major success, introducing people to the vast continent.  

In 1804 he set out on a second expedition, but never returned.  It took time for his death to be confirmed, but his papers were eventually recovered and formed the basis of  "The Journal of a Mission to the Interior of Africa", published in 1815.  

This impressive statue unveiled in 1859  stands on Selkirk High Street.  



As we near the end of this year's A-Z challenge, I have enjoyed:
  • EXcursions into  local history and culture
  • EXchanging  information on "My Scottish Borders".
  • EXpressing the pleasure I get from living in such a lovely part of the world.
And finally after all of this - EXhaustion!

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Y is for: 
Yetholm and a Yarrow Ballad  

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  1. So sad, he was only 34/5 years old when he died. I'm a little confused about the statues, though. Mungo Park, I assume, is the fellow on the left, but who is the statue of on the right?

    1. Yes, you are right, the statue on the left is of Mungo Park. It sits high on a plinth with African images at each corner of the base - one the figure on the right. On teh sides of the p/linth are the plaques shown in my post.


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