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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

G for a Green & Pleasant Land

Welcome to a Look Around 
"My Scottish Borders"

G is for:
A GREEN  and Pleasant Land 

Much of the Scottish Borders landscape is one of   small towns and villages amidst rolling hills - the Cheviots, Moorfoots, Lammermuirs -  and valleys such as Tweeddale, Liddesdale, Teviotdale, Lauderdale, Ettrick and Yarrow - all names that roll off the tongue Scenery that creates a GREEN and pleasant land. 

Looking across to the triple Eildon Hills - the iconic image of the Borders 
Looking across to the Ettrick Valley

Foothills of the Chgviots, nar Towford

A hill road out of Hawick, the biggest town in the Borders. 
Looking towards the White Hill in Earlston, Berwickshire
Cowdenknowes Wood, near Earlton, Berwickshire 

Some more fascinating facts on the Scottish Borders

  • The name of Galashiels, is derived from "shiels" or "shieling" meaning settlement - by the Gala Water.  As the second biggest town in the Borders, it owed its growth, like Hawick  to the development of the textile industry.   At the London Great Exhibition of 1851,  Galashiels firms were the largest exhibitors in the textile section'.

    The Galashiels Manufacturer's Corporation was founded 
    in 1776 by ten mill owners,  to assist the further development of the woollen trade in the town. Its distinctive badge features a sheep and the motto "We Dye to Live" and "Live to Die".

Follow the next stage of this A-Z journey through the Scottish Borders

H is for:
Hermitage Castle and Hawick

The Scottish Borders 
The old counties of Berwickshire, Peeblesshire, Roxburghshire & Selkirkshire  
Scottish Borders in Scotland.svg

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