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Friday, 1 November 2013

Remembrance Day Challenge - My Family in War

REMEMBRANCE DAY CHALLENGE is the prompt from Julie at Anglers Rest who invites us to present a photo collage  and write about our ancestors and family  who served in war. 

In my blog postings, Remembrance has always been  my theme for November so I am pleased to take this different approach suggested by Julie. and join in this challenge.  

I grew up in a family who always acknowledged Remembrance Day.  We watched the ceremonies at the Royal Albert Hall on the Saturday night, attended the local  war memorial service on the  Sunday or watched on television the Queen leading the  national tribute  at  the Cenotaph in London.   

Over the next fortnight, do read the individual postings about
 the ten members of my family who fought in two world wars.
 I have featured them before on my blog,
but plan on taking a different angle with different images.

 War Memorial in the village of
Earlston in the Scottish Borders
where I now live
The Cenotaph on Whitehall in London
The National War Memorial
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Postscript: My computer expertise is no more than average and  I have had problems setting up a photo collage.  The initial steps went smoothly. but I could not save or download it without getting gobbled gook!  On top of that we lost internet contact last week and have had to wait for a new wireless hub.  So I have reverted to a word document to prepare the collage which  does not show up  too clearly - my apologies for this. 

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  1. Great you are joining me on this. Looking forward to reading more.


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