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Monday, 20 May 2013

Sepia Saturday - Hanging Out

Sepia Saturday encourages bloggers to record and share their family history through photographs.

I had almost abandoned posting something this week, then suddenly remembered (and managed to find) this  photograph of my daughter hanging between two giant wheels outside the National  Railway Museum at York. 

She as born in January so under the star sign Capricorn which we always felt was very apt as the was like a little goat - had to be climbing, clambering, jumping  over everything.  So it was not surprising that at  primary school she became a member of the gymnastics team. 

Her own daughter looks like following in Mummy's footsteps.   

What is it about boxes and children?

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  1. Oh so cute! I'm glad you jumped in with these photos. I have a picture of my daughter in a box but she was probably 22 at the time. HA!!

  2. Wonderful shot of your little Capricorn. I've always said that children don't need toys; just give them a cardboard box!


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