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Friday, 19 April 2013

A-Z Challenge - R is for Rothenburg, Ruhpolding & Ramsau - all in Bavaria.

Join me on his A-Z journey  into  A SENSE OF PLACE where I reminiscence on places that are connected with my family history or are part of my own personal memories.

It is back to holiday memories in Bavaria:

R for:

ROTHENBURG OB DER TAUBER, to give it its full name, literally means the "red town above the river Tauber" and refers to the red colour of the roofs.  Situated halfway between Frankfurt and Munich,  It is on the route of the "Romantische Strasse  (Romantic Road) which links picturesque Bavarian towns and cities.   Rothenburg is unique with  its medieval walls, 42 gates and tower, cobbled lanes,  winding alleyways, and higgledly-piggedly houses.  Just think of the typical town setting for a children's fairy tale  - and Rothenberg is the place.   Disney's "Pinocchio", "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" and "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" have all filmed here.  

RUHPOLDING is  a small unspoilt town  in south Bavaria, between Munich and Salzburg, with the rural setting which we so much enjoy in that part of the world.   
I can't help but photograph the churches with the distinctive  Zwiebal Turm (onion dome)
 A country scene looking across to the church.

The town crest (left)  and Bavarian crest on the wall of the local museum.

RAMSAU is a small village near Berchtesgarten in Bavaria, close to the  Austrian border.   The church of St. Sebastian was built in 1512 and extended in 1692 in the baroque style. The footbridge crosses the Ramsauer Ache.  Ramsau  is one of the most photogenic images of rural Bavaria and this has to be one of my best loved holiday photographs. 


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  1. Such beautiful landscapes! Now I'm itching to fill that "world traveler" fund with all my spare pennies. =)

  2. Thank you, Crystal, for your kind comments. There are some wonderful places in the world - some often quite close to home. I hope you realise your travelling dream.

  3. "Higgledy-piggledy" -- love that description of the houses!!


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