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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Do the Eyes Have It? Fearless Females 24.

Fearless Females is a blog In honour of National Women's History Month in the USA. Suggested by Lisa Alzo of The Accidental Genealogist, it provides 31 Blogging Prompts for March.  
March 24th - Do you share any physical resemblance or personality trait with one of your ancestors?

Is there a physical resemblance here between my great grandmother, Maria Danson, nee Rawcliffe (above), my mother Kathleen Weston, nee Danson (below) and myself as a 3 year old?

I am thinking particularly of the distinctive eyebrows and eyes. I leave others to judge!

I have told the story in previous postings on an apocryphal family story that Maria's dark looks came from Spanish Armada sailors who were ship wrecked off the Fylde coast of Lancashire, settled there and married local girls - an event which took place 270 years before Maria's birth in 1859, so how true could it be?



  1. I completely agree and I'm thinking that teddy may have a bit of that same resemblance to! Ha! Ha!

  2. Definitely a family resemblance. I have a similar "Spanish" look in one of my Irish family lines but not supposed to be from the Spanish Armada... I haven't figured it out yet but genetic genealogy is showing some interesting results so far.

  3. Absolutely a family resemblance! Nice photos.


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