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Sunday, 17 February 2013

A Week of Two Seasons

Here in Earlston in the Scottish Borders we have had the delight of two seasons in a week  and I could not resist showing what a lovely part of the world I live in. 
Taken Wednesday 13th February on Speedy's Path in the Cowdenknowes Wood. Speedy is said to have been a tramp who lived in the woods.
The postman adding a splash of colour.
What a change - Sunday 18th February 
 and a lovely spring day
to bring out the gardeners and  walkers.
Speedy''s Path again in a different light.
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  1. Isn't it amazing what four days will do for the weather?! In both snow and sun Speedy's Path is gorgeous!

  2. It is a lovely place, and a story in two paths. Looks like a wonderful place to walk.

  3. Oh, that is so beautiful Susan and what an amazing change to "Speedy's Path" in only five days. Both are so beautiful and thanks for sharing. Love it!... Cheers, Catherine.

  4. The snowy scene looks like something from a fairytale. Beautiful.

  5. Hi Susan - These pictures are really nice. No wonder you like to go walking along Speedy's Path. So pretty, snow or no. But - why is it so called? Just curious. :->

  6. Thank you to everyone for their kind comments. To Gail - Speedy's Path is named after a tramp who was supposed to have lived in the woods - I have no idea how long ago!


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