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Monday, 27 August 2012

Help! How Do You Handle Comments ? Tuesday 's Tip

I am looking for some tips and would love to hear from fellow bloggers on best practice in dealing with comments. 

I very much appreciate  the fact that people have taken the me to read my postings and type a comment.  I want to 

acknowledge these,  respond to questions or elaborate on specific points.   

No problem where there is an e-mail address given and I can do a personal message, but very often no address is obvious.  

What is the best way of replying to comments on  my own blog,  so my response is seen and not just hidden away at the end of a posting readers may well not return to again.  Am I wasting my time doing it this way, when my comments may not be viewed? 

Do you keep track of blogs you comment on?  With blogs on my regular reading list, this is not so much a problem in remembering, but I often add comments to particular posts that catch my attention on the daily Geneabloggers Beat.  Should I be keeping note of these in case I get a response, so I can follow it up?

Should I be changing anything on my Settings tab? 

Do let me know your own thoughts on this topic. 

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  1. Hi Sue,

    A while back I included a widget in my sidebar which shows the latested comments on blog. I've been really pleased with it - it is a way of linking directly to the latest comment and to the commenter's own blog.

    At some point I would like to start using a plugin on my blog which enables commenters to receive an alert when there is another comment posted, I find it helpful when blogs have this option.

    Regards, Nicola

    1. Many thanks, Nicola, for your widget suggestion. I will have to follow this up.

  2. What a nice tip about the widget, I'll have to check that out. I know some of my comments are also sent to my email address and I can return a comment to them. Or yes I'll check back to see or go back to theirs and comment it gets hard sometimes when I have less blogging time....we learn along the way I think most of all!

    1. Thank you, Karen, for taking the time to write of your experience. You are right, I am learning as I go along and have just discovered how to set up this reply facility to comments. So one step forward!

  3. hi Sue, I think it's all a matter of preference. I prefer to respond on the blog post that way there's a thread for anyone to see later on. Some blogs let you tick if you want to see further responses (or is this only on wordpress).

    I also added a widget on mine like Nicola but don't know whether anyone looks at that. If my comment contains some specific information I like to ensure that the person gets it by emailing as well.

    Anyway I don't think there's a right way or wrong way, but the conversation by comment or email is what builds the links and network I think. Cheers Pauleen

  4. Many thanks, Pauleen, for your response. I agree that is with comments that we build up the links and network with fellow bloggers - something I felt I could do better. My problem is that because I am not so technically minded, I do not always understand the blogger helpline answers. However success - I have discovered that if I tick "embedded" in my Settings - Comments, I get this option to Reply. Exactly what I was looking for, as I had noticed it on other Blogger posts.

  5. Following your comment today I am pleased to see I responded at the time. No additional answers than those above. Just do your best. If the author particularly wants an answer from you wouldn't they email? I'll do that especially if it's an occasional visitor who may have happened on me by doing a Google search for a specific name. Cheers Pauleen


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