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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

A Pigeon Sent the News - Sports Centre Saturday

My father John Weston (1912-2003) always had an interest in journalism and I persuaded him to write down memories of his early life in Brosely, near Ironbridge, Shropshire and of his war-time experiences. 

I love this childhood anecdote. 

"I was mad keen on soccer, so much so that I had a trial at Birmingham with the English schoolboys.  My teacher took me in his car to that and to a second trial at Shrewsbury.    

One Saturday when I was working as an errand boy, two directors from Birmingham Football Club came to see Dad and Mum to sign me on   - they refused, saying I was too young to be away from home.   I was not told about this until later and sulked for a month!

But a bit of glory followed, when my school team entered a cup competition.  I was vice-captain and we got to the final - and won the cup, the first ever for  Brosely.

One of the supporters took a carrier pigeon along with us and set it loose at the end to let Brosely know the result and to prepare a welcome, as we were bringng home the cup! "

Postscript - apparently a photograph was taken of the team's success, but  no pictures of my father's early life passed down the family. I have very few photographs prior to his meeting my mother. Family memorabilia (including Dad's church choir and football team photographs) were thrown out by his  widowed sister-in-law. How sad! 

The earliest photograph I have of my father (on left) with his brother Charles, c.1930's

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  1. A delight full story, and the pigeon a good twist, reminding us of times before we were connected by instantaneous communication,

    BTW I understand the frustration and sadness when relatives throw out pictures in whchich they have no interest -- or for whatever reason.

  2. As a photo freak I get so cross to hear that people (often in-laws) happily throw out heirlooms! So sad! I loved the pigeon twist... a change from www or twitter.


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