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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

C is for Confirmation, Cousins, Childhood, Charabancs & Cheques - A to Z Genealaogical Challengte

Ros at http://genwestuk.blogspot.com/ has come  up with the idea of an A to Z genealogical challenge for the month of April.  It soon got me thinking, so here are my contributions.

St. Chad's, Poulton-le-Fyle Lancashire where my
Danson family were batpised, married and buried
C is for:
Certificates, Censuses and Church Records - the core of all family history activity, but here are my slightly different thoughts on the challenge.

Discovering distant Cousins through the Internet, adding to the knowledge of my extended family and providing a great source of further blogging stories and photographs.

Finding out about our ancestors  is so much more than names and dates and takes us down many different avenues of social history.

My mother & aunt at a Gala Day c.1912
What was their Childhood like?

My mother - all  dressed up

What did our ancestors wear?  Costume

What milestones marked in their lives?  Christening, Co;nfirmation and Career.

Prayer book presented to my grandmother
on her confirmation, 1904
 How was business conducted?  Cheques

A beautiful item of ephemera that has survived from
the business of my third cousins' ancestors.

How did our ancestors get around?  Cart-horses, Charabancs and Cars

My third cousin astride the cart-horse from the family business of carters & coal merchants

A Charabanc trip - photograph in the collection of my great aunt Jennie
My father standing proud with his brother in front of his first car
Not forgetting Copyright - protecting our own work and that of others. 

Copyright © 2012 · Susan Donaldson.  All Rights Reserved

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  1. you have such wonderfully diverse aspects tom your family history. I'm amazed by some of the memorabilia eg the cheques! I love the church picture and the building.


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